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01-04-2008, 07:18 PM
I am kinda new to paintball and my VS2 is my first gun. I have used it since august and like it very much. I now am looking to upgrade my gun. I know I want to get a better barrel but, am not sure which to choose. My big question is other than a barrrel what other upgrades should I look into?

01-04-2008, 07:27 PM
depends do you want a single piece, two piece, or three piece?
if you got the cash got for a barrel kit
such as the freak of evil pipe :)

01-05-2008, 05:32 AM
If your going for a barrel kit I'd suggest the Freak insert kit and a Deadlywind Fibur barrel. If your just looking for a single barrel go with the J&J Ceramic, best barrel you can buy for the money.
The gun really needs no other upgrades, it's all personal preference.

01-05-2008, 07:39 AM
:darth: go with j&j , they're Great! Also welcome to the forums!

I'll list some upgrades and put a level of difficulty next to it, some ups require proper tools. I'll list those tools as well.

mild: Realy easy start ups, don't realy have to adjust much to see performance gains and do not cost that much. cept for barrels..

Barrels:there are many to chose from, I use J&J barrels.
Bolt: there are many to chose from, I like Bandit bolts best overall. just make sure when choosing a bolt that its for the Vs series, try and go for a delrin bolt with orings instead of say a ACB or a delrin bolt with an aluminum core. eventhough people say you won't get a performance gain from a bolt, I beleave you can get a performance gain, the bolt could have 3 o-rings instead of 2 (better seal), or it could be really light (easier to recock witch means higher sustainable ROF)
Feed necks (drop ins) -needs phillips head screwdriver "the lower the better"
Hammer (Stock) - If stock you can polish it up with a dremmel and the dremmel polishing kit. +fps
Larger LPC- more space than the stock lpc, lowers psi of marker.
Vs Regulator Adaptor- Fits onto the stock FB, allows the use of Screw-in Regulators.
ASA on/off- you'll need to get rid of the stock asa/reg/on/off. its worth it. rail mount asa's work with the triggerframe. requires your allen key and phsd. you have start by removing the led grip side and the battery..and the board, so you can get to the two allen screws.

medium: Ups that requre time and tune, great for the amature. will cost a little, but what you put in is sooo worth it.

Spring set -Lighter springs on the valve and hammer means less kick, faster recocks, and a lower fps without Velocity ADJ . also affects PSI. You need your Allen key that came with your marker to remove the front block to switch out springs. Hard to find springs for this gen of spyder.
Hammer (Delrin,Custom Milled(dremmeled)- Going with a lighter hammer increases ROF, and reduces wear and tear on your marker. again getting one with an o-ring is a must. I recommend Alamo city Paintball.
FrontBlock- getting rid of the stock FB and putting on one from trinnity . it comes with a new dial, larger Lpc, and has standard threads for screw-in regulators. again You need your Allen key that came with your marker to remove the stock front block and to install the new FB.
Regulator- with that new FB or Adaptor you'll need a regulator, seeings how the balace valve "needs" 200 psi its good to get one in the range of 50-400 psi. Cp makes great regs. there's 2 kinds of reg builds in-line and side-line.
Trigger(non-magno)- If you don't like the feel of the stock trigger, you can install a different one. You'll find triggers made from delrin to chromed steel. Its all a mater of personal pref. again make sure is compatible with your trigger frame and not to lose the spring. Tools needed:your Allen key (to remove trigger frame and eye covers), PhillipsHSD (to remove board) , a hammer and a punch.
Trigger(spring removed)- by leaving the spring out, the only tension on the trigger is from the switch. enjoy long walks to the 50.
Boards- switching out the electronics for a more flexible one is a great upgrade, Tadao ,scenario dreams, and virture are the names that pop into my head first.

Hardcore- kiss your warrenty goodbye, you shouldn't do these unless your very comfortable with your gun ..deep pockets help.

Trigger(magnets)- getting rid of the spring and installing two magnets faceing same polls as to push away from each other. can give you an "air trigger". you can go here (http://www.ottersccustoms.com/magtrig.html) for the instructions.thanks Otter.
Switch Tweaking- stock trigger switch is at what..250g? you can shorten the pull on it and make it like a 50g switch. Instructions can be found here (http://www.spyder.tv/forums/showthread.php?t=4961).thanks Vike.

I think thats it..my head hurts. you could try and look up the vs2 thread, also the custom shope thread has some little odds'nends .

01-05-2008, 08:50 AM
Tanks guys for all the input. I think I'm gonna go with a barrel kit. I wasn't aware that paint size could differ enough to need different size bores but since I'm stuck using field paint and they dont use the same paint all the time I think that a kit would be best. I have noticed that there are many different tip lengths to choose from. Are there any suggestions as to length or is it just preference? Also with a barrel kit how can you tell that you are using the right bore size?

01-07-2008, 06:53 PM
Go with the Empire Revolver Kit. I have one they shoot f**ing ropes man!! And they are on eBay for liek 40 50 bucks TOPS! Def. Best it got a a 9.7 on pbreview!!

01-07-2008, 08:52 PM
I would recommend the Powerlyte Scepter kit. From what I understand (I could be wrong but I read this on several forums), Both the Powerlyte Scepter kit and the Empire Revolver kit are from the same manufacturer, they are just badged differently. Retail-wise, the Scepter kit is about the same price (around $110), and it comes with 7 different bore sizes whereas the Revolver kit has only 5. If you're really picky about matching the bore/ball, then the 2 added inserts may be for you. But if you can find the Revolver kit on eBay for under $50, then I would go for it!!!!!

01-10-2008, 03:05 PM
yea powerlyte sceptor is the same thing as the empire revolver but a little more expensive on eBay. i bought my Empire REvolver off ebay for 40$$$$$$$$$$$$ GO FOR IT!!! AND ITS accurate as hell

01-14-2008, 05:21 PM
got some extra cash, invest it in a freak barrel system, a cp reg with an adapter or trinity front block(higher way, butnicer) and a asa, there basically all the samedepends onlooks mostly, some break easy thogh, dont go for those. a board, the more youpay the better board you get basically, Scenario then Tadoe, then Virtue. Once you spent that you have one helluva upped gun. Oh and a feedneck, the stock one sucks. On average thogh this will cost you, is, 395, span that out for a year and it doesnt seem like as much

01-14-2008, 05:31 PM
i dint think the stock switch was that high on vs's.