View Full Version : SOC Elects the President

01-03-2008, 10:31 AM
I was watching the news today and all the talk was about the Iowa caucus, so I thought "How would SOC vote?". So if you were to vote today, who would you vote for? I have the top 8 candidates among the major parties, Republican and Democratic.

Here are the rules:

This poll is private, just like in real life so do worry about people finding out who you voted for.

No posting at all in this thread, this is a simple poll to see if SOC was responsible for electing a president, who we would put in office. This is just like going to the poll, you may discuss who you are voting for in line, but now you are in the actual voting booth and there is nobody to discuss your decision with.

Anybody who posts anything at all will receive a minimum of as 3 day ban, what you post will determine the actual length of your banishment.

Poll will run for a week.

Happy Voting!