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01-03-2008, 05:00 AM
good day all,

cleaning house and i have some items i am selling. but sorry, not all will be here. will be placing them on ebay next week. but, what i will sell here is the following...

VS color kits (this includes the matching barrel color kit)

$25.00 (this includes shipping in the continental US)

Red - 2 available
Blue - 1 available
Green - 1 available
Yellow - 1 available

14" Black Barrels - 3 available

** non-paintball items **

Motorola Talkabout 250 radios - $15.00 shipped
Radios work. 14 different channels available with 38 additional sub-channels. 2-mile radius.


Night Owl Explorer NOCX3 Night Vision - $125.00 shipped
This scope works. Has built in infrared lamp for seeing in total darkness. Comes with spare battery. Night Owl Optics Explorer page (http://www.nightowloptics.com/addframe.asp?main=http://www.nightowloptics.com/products/modeldetails.asp?product=NOCX3).