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12-27-2007, 01:56 PM
Is there anyway to modify the mr2 trigger to make it a single finger trigger, and to make the trigger guard samller? so that it looks more like an m4 because I don't walk my trigger.

12-27-2007, 03:41 PM
yes, cut the trigger and file it to the desired shape,

then cut the trigger guard off, then cut the trigger guard till it looks like a single trigger guard and file and sand it,

then jbweld it to the trigger frame, then sand and file the trigger frame clean then paint it

slim and shady
12-27-2007, 04:23 PM
Hey chnk could you custom make single triggers like your other triggers? that might be an idea. maby (Im not even sure how you do it) it would be esier for him to make a new trigger so if he doesnt like it he could always throw the stock one back on?

12-27-2007, 05:03 PM
good suggestion, hmm i could do a single trigger trigger

mr1 sniper
12-27-2007, 05:56 PM
this is what it would look like (http://www.spyder.tv/forums/showthread.php?t=13710)

12-27-2007, 06:41 PM
hey chnk how much $ are your custom triggers? I don't have a lot of money now, I was just planning ahead. If I don't have enough $ could u take me through the process of making y a custom mr2 trigger? it might be easier just to make my own. and if you make one can you post a pic? thnx

12-28-2007, 06:54 AM
Would this fit the mr2?


12-28-2007, 04:44 PM
I'm sure that it will not (it is for autocockers I do believe), the only frame that will fit are stock ones

12-29-2007, 06:14 AM
I thought it woujust the only single finger trigger frame I could find.
Hey chnk can you go through the process of making one of your custom triggers?

12-29-2007, 06:15 AM