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12-10-2007, 06:37 PM
Info from Mafia Stylz' (http://mafiastylz.com/speedcap.html)

Mafia Stylz' is proud to present "Speed Cap". "Speed Cap" has been designed by individuals who love the sport. We know the heavy demands placed upon your equipment, because just like you, we play the game to win, period.

This professionally engineered product has been designed to provide a rugged construction to eliminate broken components. Speed Cap is setting the new standard with the lowest profile and fastest loading in the market. No longer will you drop your balls on the ground, because there wasn't enough weight to bend the restraints out of the way. Once loaded, the Speed Cap maintains the balls within the loader, giving you maximum fire power on the field. After all, isn't that what you deserve.

"Speed Cap" offers a clean, fast and unrestricted path to victory!

sorry the pics don't really do it any justice

Rated 1-10

-First Impressions - 10

I just got my speed cap in the mail today, and the first thing i did was stick it on my halo. First impressions It look cool, the plastic seems durable, the profile was low, and looked better on the halo then the trap door speedfeeds did. The speed cap surprising was pretty hard to get off after I got it on. I had to get it out with a flathead screw driver.

Overall it look like a very good speedfeed, and i dont think I'll break it anytime soon

-Feed Testing - 9.9

I tried sticking a pod through it didn't feed so good at first. But after i broke it in it fed like a dream with only two balls still remaining. Which fed so much better than any speedfeed I've used.

Overall it fed very good. But like many other speedfeeds out there it doesn't feed completely. But what is 2 balls, so it gets a 9.9

-Feed Finger Strength(you think of a better name) - 10

After i fed my pod through the speedcap I thought i test how well the fingers hold back the balls inside the hopper. I flipped my Halo upside down and shook it, nothing fell out. I even tossed my hopper across the floor, still nothing. Played catch with my brother, still nothing.

pic of my halo upside,

Overall I was very impressed with how well it held the paintball, i couldnt seem to get any paint to come out,

-Overall I'd give this a 9.9
only because nothing is perfect but the speedcap is pretty damn close

-Final Thoughts
Feeds extremely well, plastic feels durable, Low Profile. Is a must, I sold my trapdoor speedfeed to get this and it's totally worth is so far. This thread will be updated with pics in a little as soon as my camera charges back up. Will also be updated after i try it out in the field.

looks, feeds well

nothing yet, more color choices maybe.

12-10-2007, 07:00 PM
Great review Bud!
I kinda like the design...
but how much did this cost you?

12-10-2007, 07:57 PM
$17 shipped off ebay