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12-03-2007, 09:52 PM
Ok guys, have a new goggle system on the way, so i wont be needin this one any more. Great system just wanted one that looked a lil more tourney level.

1.JT Elite goggle system with thermal mirror finish lens and custom paint job (comes with visor just not pictured)
Goggle System (will come with clear lens #4)-$15obo
Thermal Lens-$15obo

2.JT Softstream frame (needs lens frame, lens, and strap)-$5obo+$1 for strap too

3.Replacement Lens clear (dirty, in well used condition, still see through)-make offer

4.Replacement Lens clear (slight scratches, doesnt hinder view at all)-$3obo

5.Replacement Frame lnib condition, used only once-$6obo

6.Strap from Softstream system lnib condition-$2obo

next up is a green Bushmaster Spyder Clone. Uses all Spyder parts, except for valve and striker. Spyder threaded and Spyder frames will fit. I accually had an ESP frame on it for a while and it shot great. You do have to cock it before you gas it up (as you shoud any blowback marker) or it will leak from the valve (due to weak valve spring). I don't exactly know the model, but it was made back in 1999. I just have no room for it any more and hardly ever shoot it.

Clone Marker-$25obo

Happy bidding guys!!!

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12-06-2007, 02:38 PM
up- no body wants this stuff??