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11-28-2007, 09:36 PM
hows it goin everyone,
Total new to the forum, but have 3 yrs of pb experience. Half yr of renting and 2 1/2 owning my own and looking for an upgrade. I own a spyder xtra, with e-hopper, acs delrin bolt and e-trigger. Lately has been keeping me happy when i head to the fields with other players. But this weekend it really bummed me that i bought box of paint at a field that i was new too, as i have forgotten mine. I didnt know which box of paint to choose but i went with what the regular players recommend and have. I had never experienced a chop till i picked up that paint and figuring out that it was brittle.It was a nightmare, for me seeing spreading all over and pieces of plastic.
What i found out later on was that i cant bring outside paint, only field paint. I thought my acs and my hopper would prevent the chopping but nope didnt do its job this time. I went with paint that everyone has been picking up, cuz im new their and seems everyone prefers that box. When i went their, there was couple guys with rentals and they had a buddy that has experience in the field, i was overhearing that spyders chop bolts like mad cuz the way their built . As they also had experience the same problems with chopping even with the rentals.
Like for myself i wanna move up like up my game. Wondering to change to a better marker, everyone at the field recommends ions, wraths shockers and such. But not really into those markers like im use to tearing apart the marker easily and i enjoy all spyders that i have used.
So my question is wondering is that if i get myself a vs2/3 cuz of low pressure can it handle brittle paint?

11-28-2007, 09:47 PM
I'll edit this with my full response, but don't ever make a topic named "Wats Up"

As for your problem with chopping paint, it sounds like it is a problem with the paint and not the gun. f you have had this gun for 2 1/2 years without any trouble using a certain kind of paint, but then you were forced to switch and chopping problems come up, that should tell you something.
I also like how you reference the "couple of guys with rentals" who knew somebody with "field experience". Those types of people are idiots. And their rentals might chop because they are poorly maintained. You know that your gun works.

Now if you really want to move up because you feel you really want to and not because you feel that there is all of a sudden something wrong with your gun since you bought bad paint that didn't match your barrel or something else wrong with it, then a VS would do the trick. Which one you choose is your preference, but keep in mind some places still don't allow a rocking trigger because of the second microswitch.

If your bad experience with bad paint is the only reason, I suggest you reconsider.