View Full Version : FS: Spyder Parts, Timmy Parts, and More

11-28-2007, 04:11 PM
I will take paypal but prefer MO's
I have feedback on other forums if you don't trust me.
I will absolutely not ship first
Prices include shipping

Oky I need some cash so here are a few leftovers form projects ad just old gear I don't use.....

-Psychoballistics Z Drop, good condition comes with adjustere wrench $30
-Red Timmy Clammy, includes 14pt Harness (installed) and Check It trigger $25
-A+ Anodizing Dlerin Trigger good condition (runs for almost $40 new) $25
-Spyder frame, needs noid wires broke off inside coudl possibly be fixed, other thn that like new $30
-battery offer
-extra battery harness offer
-ball detent offer
-Spyder grips $3 a pair
-Quatum Motor will work in Revy and EVO $3
-Old Jt mask, could use new lenses $10
-JT pod pack w/00rd pods $10
-200 rd hopper $2

11-29-2007, 06:21 PM