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11-28-2007, 09:39 AM
The ion fires good, very smooth and the board is excellent. Don't get me wrong, but the board is very very weak. It is just very poorly made. On the forums, i found three people including myself with problems with this board. I had my battery connector break off. Another person had the battery connector pin break off. A third person has had their eye and battery connector pin break off. Here is their link on pbnation in regards to the third person who wants to sell his broken board.


After I sent it in to get it repaired, i got it back. When i installed it into the frame, the micro switch button popped out. How does the button ever pop out when i put it into the frame? That shows that the board has a very off position to the ion frame.

ok so my button popped out. I had to buy a membrane pad to bypass the on/off problem. SO i got the membrane pad. Next the problem gets worse. It worked for a few days, but when i went to play, the gun doesn't turn off. The membrane pad would not respond to the board. There is something wrong with this board. So i took the board out of the gun. I took off the membrane pad and just left the battery in on the harness. The board went haywire. It goes on and off without me pressing any switches.

i sent 3 emails to Tadao for RMA board repair and they just ignore me.

I made a fake email account and sent it to the same person. That fake email account got a reply and my RMA request did not. They do not want to help people who have problems with their board.


11-28-2007, 03:27 PM
I don't know who your talking to at tadao but Will always answers my e-mails with a hour of sending them, I had a problem with a board that i got in a gun and they fixed it for free, it was a programing error nothing fell off. On top of that I have had about 20 different tadao boards and only the one i listed was messed up out of all of them.