View Full Version : HELP! whats going on here??!!?

11-18-2007, 01:00 PM
this is an old IPI 2.0 board:
i was trying to fix my wiring yesterday because it had been messed up for a while. i had to extend the wires going to the microswitch a while back because when i flipped it, the bottom wire was too short. then, i guess i must have pulled loose the wires that go into the main wiring harness, because if the wires werent being held at the right angle, they wouldnt connect. then it stopped charging my 9.6v, so i started using 9vs. THEN, my board started shutting off and turning back on after i started shooting too fast. i havent been able to find whats causing that, but i think it might be because the batteries are old. suddenly that stopped yesterday. THEN, my solenoid stopped working. i bought a new soldering iron today to try and fix my lengthened microswitch wires, and i guess the plastic got too hot, and now my switch barely moves, and only fires on the trigger return.

I had planned on playing saturday with my friends, but i dont know if i can get it fixed soon enough. even if i buy all new parts from the B/S/T section, i dont know if they'll get here on time.

any suggestions?