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11-15-2007, 11:18 AM
i put the gun together last night to get ready for sunday and noticed that my mr series 16" looks bent, its brand new, works and ive never been in a situation for it to bend, anybody else heard of this?. the stock barrel looks off also but way less, could it be the gun itself?, i will put it up to a straight edge today but in sure its bent.

also did anybody have problems with their factory bolt?, i had the feed neck off to clean out a chop, the only one ever lol and i noticed that its has scratch's badly near the tip in one spot and in another about a quarter the way down. yet again it still works and has oil, could it be casting flash or something that did it and how big of rush to get a new bolt or do i untill its toast

i have no idea how to strip it so i cant pull the bolt to see. had no luck with finding instruction on the net.

this gun has only been used for two games and never dropped and only into the shop to get the velocity set, twice. i think i have a cursed mr1

deano 177
11-15-2007, 12:02 PM
HERE (http://www.spyder.tv/section/support/diagrams/mr1.pdf) is the schematic for the marker. My marker's bolt (#279) had the same gouges and scratches on it. I used some 120 grit sand paper to polish the spots. The marker is not too difficult to disassemble. If you take the stock off and pull the cocking bolt (#284) the Venturi Bolt will almost fall out. You can also pull part #249 which is the Feed Neck and check there for any rough spots. I think that the force of the cocking action pulls the bolt toward the opening for the paintballs and that is where the scratches come from.

As far as the barrel being bent, wow. I have no idea. Does it still shoot? if so you may have to work with it.

11-17-2007, 01:20 AM
i thought the shop may have put my bolt in wrong and thats what made it scratch, but i guess not lol, i will try striping the gun myself but i mainly just want to inspect the bolt and see what caused it. barrel is straight and i rolled it on a flat surface and it turned out fine, it must have been me. mr1s shoot hard when they are new right? i have the velocity set

11-17-2007, 06:01 AM
Scratches on your bolt is normal. You can sand them out but they will come back. If you are going to sand them out, I would use a much higher grit than 120. I would go with 600-800. I will take longer to sand them out but it will be much smoother. Remember you want as little resistance on the bolt as possible. By using 120 you are creating unnecessary rough surface that will create more friction and will therefore decrease efficiency. Also, if you play on sanding your bolt down, you might as well polish the entire bolt out. This is assuming that the bolt is aluminum. If its delrin I would leave it alone.

As for your barrel. Easy check to see if its bent or not. Find a flat smooth surface and roll the barrel across it. You will be able to notice if it is really bent or not very, very easily.

Good Luck!

11-18-2007, 03:52 PM
i used 150 grit on the spots and they came out really good and smoother. ya i plan on doing the whole bolt that way, it was the first time i took the gun apart so i was a little worryed but its just as easy as my old spyder, i also pulled a rag threw the gun to clean out the oil/paint mix from a chop and was shooting it today. i did that with the barrel and its fine, must have been the way the outside of it is disighned that threw me off