View Full Version : VS1 Worth it?

11-14-2007, 07:50 AM
I have a spyder electra acs 2005. i was wondering if it was worth it to upgrade to a vs1 with this http://www.criticalpaintball.com/Trinity_Spyder_VS_Regulator_Adapter_p/trinity_vsregadapter.htm
instead of my electra i don't have hpa in the area they only fill co2. i have a palmer pursuit regulator and a trinity assault block if i moved them over would it be a better gun?

11-14-2007, 05:23 PM
About the only upgrade you would be getting is the eyes & the board. I would stick with what you have unless you really like the looks of the VS1.

11-14-2007, 05:30 PM
The vision on the VS1 makes it a very nice marker........
Tough call if you love your Electra and it is working well for you.
I have a VS1 and I love it, but it isen't any better than my Fenix w/eyes......
I loved my blind Pilot w/ACS too......

11-14-2007, 08:02 PM
Personally this is my first marker, so since its my first marker. I'm glad i got the VS1 because the maintenance is so much easier than the ion. And you'd have to get a new feedneck completely since it's ion threaded. Everything else is spyder threaded. If you already have a gun that works so well for you, I don't think there should be any reason to get a VS1. You could just mod your Electra to have eyes and it'd probably be the same or maybe a little better