View Full Version : Feak Barrel Kit w/8 Stainless Inserts, Two Fronts and Case

11-10-2007, 10:32 PM
This is one really nice Freak Barrel Kit with Spyder threads for the back. The fronts and inserts however, can be used for ANY Smart Parts Freak Barrel Kit.

This is the whole deal and you will not find one much better in such a great package. Included is:

* Smart Part Freak Barrel back with Spyder Thread
* Freak Jr. Front (black)
* All American Front (Green - hard to find not sure if they even make this color any more)
* 8 Stainless Steel inserts (not the cheap aluminum ones that they are selling now and I am not sure they still make these either)
* Newer model carrying case.

The inserts included are:

* .682
* .684
* .687
* .689
* .693
* .694
* .695
* .697

All of these inserts are in excellent condition. The All American Front does have some wear at the front (it was not originally mine and I got it that way) but the other front, the back, and the inserts and case are in like new condition.

Buyer pays only a flat shipping rate of only $9.95 to anywhere in the US and I will ship your item via Priority Mail the following day after your payment via Paypal is received.


PM Me if interested!!

11-11-2007, 03:41 AM
So is the price of it just the $9.95 shipping and that's it? :D If so, I'LL TAKE IT! lol

11-11-2007, 04:11 AM
Duh....what a moron I am....i suppose a price would be a good thing to include. I have it posted on ebay with the option to close so I had just copied and pasted the info.....

I would like to get $140 plus shipping (9.95) but I am willing to take offers.

I am looking also for a J&J 14 " with Spyder thread that I would negotiate with is someone had one or even a J&J kit