View Full Version : MR2 AK-47 6 Stage

10-09-2007, 11:23 PM
I have read all the threads and a lot has been said about this product but I have one more additional question

If I purchase this product from this website and pick the options on the bottom for the macro kit 1, is that all I need to make this work or do I need some thing else?


10-10-2007, 05:28 AM
you will need a metric adaptor

10-10-2007, 08:28 AM
Thanks alot

10-15-2007, 10:37 AM
Are you talking about this metric adapter?

adapter (http://www.actionvillage.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP.enfinity/eCS/Store/en/-/USD/DisplayProductInformation-Start;sid=kwZpY1tW001p7R6n83Opy1GfrJB9a4Ic204=?Pro ductID=6XmsFAY74QgAAAD3VeOlA_2s)

10-16-2007, 02:41 AM
Yes if you are going to use the stock hose you need to screw it into the xchamber. If you are using any other hose unless specifically made for spyders its going to need to screw into the asa