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ACI ASSASSIN -lnib+ 20 oz co2+ vl 200 hopper+jt mask


ACI ASsassin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what is an aci assassin???
well it is a spyder clone but wait dont leave yet,lol. this is basically a really upped spyder although stock. 9.4/10 on pbreview.com. great gun very appealing and fast aS welL as light.

here are the pics

pic of assassin (http://www.putfile.com/pic.php?img=5511199)

so let me describe the features
amazing frame--rare,modeled after berettA,pushbutton safety ,different layout of the battterys so they last for up to 10,000 shots,the least is 5,000 shots., 17bps semi,8bps full auto and three round burst,standard drop holes(no bottomlin needed)

bottomline regulator with gauge and gas through-appealing,regulator works pretty well.

body--appealing top cocking,delrin bolt, 15* front block already installed,high flow valve,clamping feedneck.

110 obo gun
25 for jt mask and tank and hopper
120 if you buy together
130 for everything i have (spring,o-ring,everything.)

for an additional 15 $ i can include a full o-ring kit,spring kit,some lube,a squeege and some keys =(for spyders) as well.
1) i do not ship first
----check my feedback pbnation,its gold.(same account)
2) no flaming
3)TRADES are accepeted,looking for psp packages,xbox 360's anything that is not paintball related.
4.post here then pm me so ican keep track,ty.

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