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09-15-2007, 10:11 AM
Parts List...
1. Pulse drive tray.
2. Halo, if you have a complete one great if not you'll need the following parts:
1. Shells, highly recommend Hydrid Suicide Shell's and do not recommend Warrior shells, they do not have as good attention to detail for fit and finish.
2. Complete Halo catch cup, raceway cover, gear drive/motor cover and hardware (4/40 screws, pin that holds the belt driven gear in place and shaft bearings, which the pulse's bearings can be used).
3. Drive shaft and cone, rip or regular, your choice.
4. Halo backplate.

First gut the pulse's drive tray...
Now install the drive shaft, gears, belt, motor and catch cup and raceway covers...
Install the board and backplate into one half of the shell, the cut-out to hold the board in place on the top is a pretty tight fit but the board does fit.
Also don't put the bottom of the board into the cut-out in the bottom, this pic explains...
You can see the slight angle to the board. This helps relieve strain on the boards connectors when the catch cup is installed. Also if your using an aftermarket backplate, i.e., Hybrid's, this also makes it so you don't have to depress the button as far to operate the button.
Prep the left shell for the motor reverse button...
Drill a 3/8" hole 1 1/8" from the center of shell and 1 3/4" from the back...
doesn't have to be exact, the important thing is that the button's circuit board clears the catch cup and you leave enough room from the outside of the shell to be able to install the button/circuit board.
Install the motor reverse button, it should be a snug fit.
Next route the RF chip's wiring harness (red, black, white wires) and chip along the leftside shell...

09-15-2007, 10:54 AM
Next, install anti-jam beads and spring, if not already installed and install catch cup into leftside shell...
and route wiring harnesses and speed control board up the right side of the catch cup and tape in place...
Install the right side shell, ensure the speed control board is in the gap b/t the catch cup and shell (not raceway and shell) and the power connector is going through the opening to the battery compartment and the main board is the same as the other side, top of board in notch, bottom of board to the rear of the notch...
Now all that's left is the power connector, you can go 3 routes...
1. Remove the male connector from the Pulse's shell and use it.
2. Go buy, or if your lucky you've hung onto all those useless wall charges for stuff you broke, lost, whatever and you have one that works.
3. Cut the power wires and splice in a 9v battery connector.

There ya go, your done

Oh yeah if you used a rip drive nows a good time to install the rip wheel :rolleyes:

12-19-2007, 05:59 PM
wow nicelly done, makes me wanna try it myself :)