View Full Version : Two DM6's for sale cheap, must go fast....

09-12-2007, 07:06 PM
My cousin needs to sell both of these fast b/c he is looking to pick up a new gun a KC NPPL (week and half away).....as far as i know sly and mini aren't for sale


Black body with Red Accents~

Upps are~
~Virtue Board
~Cp Red (Swaped Black top Red bottom)
~Swaped Red Frame
~Swaped Red Eye covers
~Swaped Red UL barrel back
~Everything else is black and working great

Price: $600obo


Red body w/ Black accents~

~Stock board
~Cp front plug
~Cp reg (Swaped Red top Black bottom)
~Swaped Black Frame
~Swaped Black Eye covers
~Swaped Black Ul barrel Back
~Swaped Silver (don't know why) Feedneck

Price $575obo


You can post here and I will relay info or get him on aim= SouthStudMuffin

09-12-2007, 07:11 PM
LOL. He just offered me either one for my Nexus today. I'd consider the black one if it wasn't swapped parts. Right now my gun is pending sale, but if that falls through somehow I'm interested.