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09-12-2007, 12:22 AM
Allright, so i just picked up an MR3, and this marker is badass....when its working. My marker is set up as follows:

MR3 with Bob Long "Timmy" detents (hard), all other internals are stock
Q Loader with Sp8 mod kit (stock prewind settings)
32* remote
45/4200 Pure Energy HPA tank

Shot exclusively semi auto w/eyes

The first quirk that surfaced came at the chrono range: no matter how much fiddling i did with the main spring i was unable to get my ball velocity above 250 fps in fact out of the box spring adjustment clocked at 208 fps. secondly ball velocity varied between 170 to 250 fps from shot to shot. this is with the tank filled to 3500 psi and all conections between tank, remote and marker double checked.

Second quirk to surface was a shot inconsistency. some shots would rocket out the barrel, others would fly about 3 feet and plop to the ground. also balls began to chop and stack up on eachother. maximum amount of balls in one shot was 4. maximum amount of balls chopped in series was 2.

Eventually i was able to have the marker work about 60% of the time between things going awry and troubleshooting.

I am aware that the qloader is a touchier system that requires tweaking and so i'm fairly certain my feed issues were stemming from that versus something in the marker. however, i have read that the acs bolt and qloader dont always mesh well. Therefore i am considering upgrading to a double or triple o ring delrin bolt from alamo city pb.

For the velocity issue i am considering a spring kit. Im very interested in hearing opinions and suggestions on what is happening with my marker and anything else i should consider before I take those steps.

09-12-2007, 05:17 AM
get a spring kit and do a little tuning, as for your velocity problem it might be your tank, my mr2 was giving me **** like that too, i couldnt get it to shoot past 250 fps,
then my tank would shut off and my mr2 stop shooting, check your tank i know mine had a ****ed up reg on it,

as for the acs bolt, its not great, is was a cool thought but it needs to be improved on, just go ahea and get a 2 orin acp bolt, they are like $20 and totally worth it
since you're cpnsidering getting an acp bolt and spring kit, you could go the extra step and get a cp shorty reg and high pressure valve and do a low pressure conversion,

the reg would give you consistancy, and the lower pressure would give you quitier shots, less blow back/kick, and more shots from your 4500

09-12-2007, 05:19 AM
YES, buy a spring kit, worth every cent. Swap in a harder main & re try it. If that doesnt help to much you can get a spacer & put between the spring guide & metal spacer. Then back the adjuster out an equal amount.

I would dry fire the marker w/ no barrel messing with the springs til it would recock on it own. Then hand feed paint at the chrono. The put the loader back on & go from there.

Any more questions, just ask.

10-26-2007, 07:48 PM
Just food for thought here, but I just went LP on my MR2 and actually went back to the stock ACS bolt from a 2 ring ACP bolt. The ACP bolt will work with the LP, but I found that it doesn't quiet the marker at all. Once I put the stock acs bolt back in the noise level audibly dropped. The inner air channel on the ACP bolt is significantly smaller 9.3mm vs the 11.45mm of the stock acs bolt, which in theory for LP will help deliver the larger volume of air(at a lower pressure). Also the port opening on the bottom of the bolt is much smaller on the ACP bolt. It worked with the LP conversion but the noise level was still like I was running stock pressure when the LP conversion for me at least was to quiet the report of the marker. Just something to think about.

I'm also using a high flow valve, shorty reg and q-loader with 14 pre-winds and it never misses a beat with the stock acs bolt.

I think you should do exactly as oldiron says and work on your springs/velocity issues first, just might find that cures all your problems.

Keep in mind everything on the marker functions based on the input(air) and if that's not right, and you clearly have shown that it isn't, then it's going to cause problems all the way down the line.