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09-08-2007, 03:21 PM
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Enjoy your bombing of Lost City while you can mother ****er. Pretty soon, you won't have any dough left to afford a bomb. Remember...in real life AND LPC life, there will ALWAYS be someone stronger and richer than you are. What goes around, comes around. And you my little **** head, your time is about to come back around and knock you out. Your brain will be splattered along side a curb. Your body will still be twitching. Your family will come out and look at you twitch...your snyapses firing for the last couple of times EVER. It will be so ugly, that you will have to have a closed casket funeral. Your head will resemble a crushed watermelon. Your family and your friends will mourn for you. But in the end, they will keep asking...damn icux...damn.....why did you take advantage of sooo many LPC players ? Didn't you think for just one second that MAYBE someone would be watching in that dark shadows you never payed attention to. Learning, documenting, taking to heart and mind all the travesties you leased upon the LPC world. Now it's your time to suffer Icux...the pain will be unbearable. Bomb lost city some more......add more fuel to the raging fire. Keep it up. Feel good for now. Bask in your dictatorship reign for as long as you can, for your LPC life will soon come to a bloody grind.

this guy has serious problems...this is from the LPC forums btw. at this point I'm lmao this is psycho but still funny.


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actions do indeed speak louder than words. In the meantime BwoodFolkGD74...wipe off your chin and swallow some more. Icux loves subordinates bowing down to his every command. It's that attitude that Icux carries, that "mighter than thou" warped thinking that has made SHEEP like yourself follow him. Many of you are SHEEP....****ing pathetic cowards that BOW done to those at the top, despite their disgraceful moral character that put them where they are now. So BwoodFolkGD74.....practice your "baaahhhhs" and shoot pellet turds out of your ass while Icux leads you and his many BLIND followers off the cliff's edge. It is there, while you are lying in a pool of your own digestive juice, fecal matter and pieces of intestinal matter.....then and only then will you realize that Icux betrayed you. That Icux never cared about you or any one of the lowly people he befriended on his way to the "top". Wake up people...smell the ****ing coffee.

now this is still really funny I'm still lmao as are many others...this guy really needs help


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Just got this message from tired -

Your ass is mine. Cocky mother ****er. You have NO clue what is in store for you and the others that rape and pillage our villages every day without regard to people's livelyhood.

I'm a level 20. The only people I can rape are level 2's.

this is his last post on this subject :lol: he takes this wayy to seriously "you and the others that rape and pillage our villages"...wtf?

09-08-2007, 03:59 PM
that is just funny.

Oh well i dont care. I work on my stats, do a little attacking here & there & love my 2 pay check i get there (over 20mil)

09-09-2007, 07:30 PM
Tell him to go outside and soak in some sun rays...

...anyone who takes videogames that seriously needs to get out more.