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09-04-2007, 08:53 PM
Ok, first an explanation of what FASOR is. It stands for "forward air spring operated return" It's the system that the Zip/one kit used, and is currently the operating system of the Wrath.

Performance wise it can compete with a timmy, except it isn't air return, it's spring. It's a low pressure system, running around 200-300psi hpr and 100lpr. It's more effecient than blowback and if youre looking to upgrade the spyder this is probably the best route.

This kit is compatible with all slim striker stack tube bodies and it comes with all hoses, parts and fittings you need. However, extra parts can be bought at http://airsoldier.com/ which is where I got them, however this is all the parts you need.

What you get:

1.Ram and housing

2.Return spring


4.Modded ACS bolt.


6.2 1' hoses.

7.12 barbs (six that fits solenoid, six that fit QEV)

8. 3 swivel fitting(for mounting QEV, the holes is recessed so an adaptor must be used)

9. LPR

10. 90* 1/8 fitting

11. Wrath valve pin(damon sent it to me, I don't know why)

All these parts are not avaliable in a kit and it took me 2 months to get them all. I however grew tired of it and though I had all the parts I did not want to finally mill my AMG frame and decided to keep it how it is.

The noid will work with a normal stock spyder board. The bolt has no recocking bar because it doesn't need one, the spring pushes it back on it's own.

A new VA with an LPR installed can be bought at scenario dreams here:


And if you don't want to mod your stock grip you can either use a clamshell or buy a ready made EP grip from SD as well


Now, for pix:

The kit is $80 I will not part. Trades: cockers, mags, mech markers(no tippmans or blowbacks)

If you have any questions feel free to ask

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