View Full Version : Uber upped Imagine FS or Trade

08-30-2007, 08:10 PM
1.I don't ship first
..thats pretty much it:p

I have a black/red spyder imagine for sale, here are the list of parts:

Spyder Imagine (not milled for eyes)
-Virtues board (comes with eyes)
-black sweetspot trigger OR red warrior trigger (you choose)
-black dye sticky 3's
-red flame drop forward
-black CP ASA with on/off
-black macro line
-15* forward black trinity front block
-black Marq regulator
-red warrior clamping feedneck
-black SP progressive barrel (maybe silver/red dye UL..undecided)
-modded Hi-flow valve (works great)
-polished striker

I'm looking for $300 shipped OBO if you think $300 is too high offer up
I will most likely take trades on just about any gun so again offer up your trades.

Preferred trades:
any PM/DM *salivates*
Ego's (:o )

pictues will be up tommorrowish (probably after school around 5:00 P.M.)