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08-28-2007, 10:26 AM
ok well for my xtra i had for a while and im maintaining it, cleaning after every use and oiling the rings.
Now i have switched my stock bolt to an ACS and i love it. Before when i went crazy with my trigger that i got for it an eframe w/ stock bolt i chopped a couple. But with the ACS i noticed that when the time came to chop no paint oozed out of the barrel instead just puff of smoke and that made my day no chopping:D.
Like the ACS delrin bolt didnt come with any o-ring and wondering after every use do i lube up the entire bolt? or not cuz i heard that oiling some parts of delrin they mess up or sweall or something.

08-28-2007, 11:07 AM
No dont lube or oil your ACS bolt because there is the possibility of it swealing. Delrin is self lubricating so theres no need to

11-28-2007, 09:11 AM
Well i went to this new field bout hr drive to it, because the recent fields ive been to has shut down. Like always i bring my own paint and usually when i take it to the fields they just test it if its washable, but this new field at pahrump didnt let me by. I was told something bout the oil residue something like that in my paint. So i had to buy paint from them, and it was the worst thing i done by far. So i get ready for a game, i fill up and check my batteries, so im good to go.

When the game is played i hide behind a bush, as soon as i pop out and shoot 1 ball comes out and 3-6 chop instead of balls coming out it felt i was spray painting also i see like pieces of plastic spreading out of my barrel. Then i notice paint just draining out of my barrel, then i duck again and pop out the same thing but my first couple shots i chopped and then i notice the paint was adding up in my hopper so really it sucked. So when i got out, i look if probably the barrel bore size is too small for the paint but no its right size it rolls easily in and out. I also take off the feedneck on the xtra and saw that a half shell of paint was still inside. I chopped before but that was with the stock bolt, then i got acs delrin bolt to prevent it and was working great before.

I followed the guide for upgrades and preventing chops and such, got the ehopper to feed faster to keep up with the etrigger. Also got the ACS bolt to prevent chops and worked great until recently.

Is their another way that i can do to prevent more chops cuz really it ruined my day?
Also is their a way to test the oil on paint, like when i took my own paint to the field they said something bout being thick and i cant use it at their feild?

Its because i havent chopped so much paint in the past, my guess that the paint was cheap. At the end of the day just about everyone, mostly the people that were talkin crap bout my marker seeing that my self was only with a spyder and the rentals too. Someone mentioned that i wouldnt have this problem with pneumatic type marker, because it can handle all types of paint. But for me i started with spyder's and thinking later on upgrading to a vs2/3 but for now i want to improve with my xtra.
thanks in advance