View Full Version : Different MR2 problem

02-05-2006, 03:43 PM
Well....I was one of the ones complaining about the MR2 detents allowing the paint to double feed with a motorized hopper. It seems that this will NOT continue to be an issue for any of us for long. I found out today that you can fix this issue by simply doing the standard swabbing thing that everyone needs to do after breaking paint. This simple action cures the issue, because simple swabbing TEARS THE CHEAP LITTLE DETENT TO PIECES after awhile.

*Quick field fix*

Take the "Slightly" better rubber detent out of a Pirhana, snip the end off with cutters (About equal to the thickness of a dime), install it in the junk detents place...and continue play. I REALLY REALLY would like to see Kingman address this detent issue (And yes, Im aware that the marker set up is, in theory, suppossed to use the side of the chamber to hold the paintball, but the detent is neccessary to keep the ball from moving forward while at rest)...........

03-22-2006, 10:43 PM
I called Kingman today about my ball chopping beast(MR2) the Kingman is sending me some new detents and are on the way..I did also replace the detents with a on from a pirahna and all seems to work fine! i fired about 50 balls AND NOT ONE CHOPPED!