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02-05-2006, 12:12 PM
I was thinking lately... Ive wanted to try stock class for a while now and i realized... i cant really afford to play semi ... even with my spyder capped at 13. I just cant afford the paint. So i got to thinking. I could sell my "e-99" and invest in a nice stock class like a phantom or something else. I was wondering what everybody here thought about this. It would be alot easier to get out to play because i wouldnt have to worry bout buying a case at a time. The only problem is i would be playing primarily with other semi's seeing that as far as i kno there insnt a large stock class fan base in my area. Also im not the best with a semi and i tend to just "spray and pray" and not really hit anything so i dunno if i would hit ANYTHING at all shooting one shot at a time.

so i guess my main questions are...

1. Should i go to stock or stay over here w/ the semi's on the darkside?

2. if I go stock how should i go about selling my gun things on teh used wall at my local shop dont seem to sell and How should i go about pricing my marker.

3. What sort of stock gun should i get ... (i want a bottom line but feeding method doesnt matter much to me but i dont want anything more expensive than a phantom.)

02-05-2006, 01:54 PM
1. Both, pick up a cheap pump like a Hammer, Trracer or Maverick, to see if you even like pump play. Either way, you'll have to learn to aim...
2. Post it on a forum, post the specs on here and we can tell you what it's worth. Don't expect enough out of it for a nice VSC phantom though.
3. Back to number 1.

02-05-2006, 02:13 PM
awesome , thanks. Yeah i knew i wouldnt get enough for a phantom but im getting tax returns and my parents owe me like 200 dollars. I was thinking maybe see if one of the guys up the field i play will let me try one of their pumps for a game b4 i decided to buy one. As far as haveing a semi as well... ill still have my victor (although it needs a bolt and valve) not fast or anything but still a semi. Thanks for teh help.

Recon by Fire
02-05-2006, 10:34 PM
You don't have to go straight stock class, go modified stock and use a hopper and constant air. That will make it a bit easier to compete with semis.

02-06-2006, 06:06 PM
Where do you live? Do you have other pump player's around you? If you have a lot then just play strictly pump! Take the 200 your parent's owe you and buy a used sniper2!

Either that or just buy an inexpensive pump like a traccer/maverick/hammer they are fine to play with!


02-06-2006, 08:21 PM
I dunno if i have a lot of pumps in the area... i only kno of a couple fields in the area... I have stonemak down in berwick PA but ive heard thats not the best of places, and its all "hardcore" speedballers from what i hear... and im not alowed in Berwick anyway, Then There is the small local field that i usually play at simply because they are all nice guys. They let me help out around the field and stuff if i can get a ride up there wich i like because i never have money to play. There are a maybe one or two that might show up for rec play with pumps, usually a bunch of begginers with rentals or spyders, and teh regulars... with markers ranging from an ion or two, a couple promasters, and i think a proto matrix. Depending on who shows up there might also be a timmy or NME on teh field. But thats were ill prob play, Everyone is friendly and dont take things to seriously; plus the next closest place to me is Skirmish PA up in Jim Thorp i think. But thats a bit to far for my mother to drive ( I really wish i would have gotten my liscence when i had the chance) And i dont feel like giveing them my first born son for a case of paint.
IMHO i think its to expensive there and i would only go if i wanted to try a scenario.

Ill prob try my hand with a cheap pump then once i get my money(the parents seem to be paying me in fifty dollar instalments) Ill probably still try to pawn off my e-99 and just keep my victor. (if i ever figure out what my photobucket account was ill post up pics) I need some pennies in my pocket.

thanks for all teh help guys

*edit* forgot to answer teh main question... i live in PA. The closest "city" would be Wilkes-Barre. The field i play at is in Dallas PA