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08-18-2007, 11:17 PM
hello everyone,
ive been playin paintball for about 3yrs and in 2 yrs of that i ve been renting.
So i decided to go for my own spyder marker, i was planning on a tippman but one of my friends was so into PB then he had a family and gave his old markers for cleaning his yard:D .
He gave me an spyder victor and esprit w/ esp trigger, i noticed that the esprit has no expansion chamber and when i went to PB store i noticed all the markers that they were selling, the owner knew i was a new guy and didnt want me to spend all the money on parts for my esprit so he sold me a 06 xtra for $50 and that made my day cuz an expansion kit was 80 bucks.
On my xtra, i switched the trigger frame with my esprit and got an empire hopper to go with. So far im loving this marker just few, things i need to fix. Like i know everytime i go to fields they look at my marker like piece of crap and they get mad when ref pulls them out cuz i got them with a spyder.
Just that sometimes when im left at the field and their 3 guys left my marker messes up. Like i cant fire it doesnt recock i was told that its my co2 that i need to let it warm up. So my xtra is ok for speedball not great but ok.
And i was wondering that if i get a Compressed air tank will i be ok, like can i just screw it in and play. Or do i need to really mod my internals?

Also like my mods so far is just and etrigger, ehopper, and acs bolt and soon to get a spyder regulator just waiting for the package. So far cant really find anything at the shops for spyders, like they dont really carry any of them cuz their not really high demanding.
Im also planning on getting an mr1 for a backup and a gun for my dad, he didnt like the speedball games but eversince i went to woodballs or scenario game he wants in, and the mr1 caught his attention, even better the value. I know on this one i need to change the ball detent cuz i hear that stock is crap.

08-19-2007, 06:01 AM
As far as the HPA, it is a great upgrade. You can screw it right in with no mods. There are two different types of HPA tanks though. 3500 and 4500. That just means, one holds more pressure. They will both operate the same and at the same pressure to your gun, but the 4.5k (4500) will shoot longer. The downside to a 4500 is the cost. They are aluminum tanks wrapped in carbon fiber for strength. That usually cost more, sometimes alot more, but they are really light. The 3000 tanks are usually steel and a little heavier. But if your park does not fill 4500, it can be an easier choice.

NOTE: Make sure you get a tank with a High Presure Regulator on the top (850psi.). Not Low Pressure (400 psi), that is for specialized guns.

As far as Spyder upgrade, they will only get you so far. Sypder (and Spyder clones) are a little different than most and require specialized parts that don't usually fit other markers. Spyder type guns are typically what we refer to as "blowbacks" becasuse of the way they operate. They use part of the air from the valve to blow the bolt back and recock the gun.

You can find other upgrade not intended for a spyder that will work fine. Depending on your front block (piece in front of the gun that the airline goes into), you may be able to screw in any regulator off the shelf. If the threads are the same as your air tank threads, then any regulator will screw right in, if not you can buy an new block (or Vertical Adapter as they are somtimes called). 32 degress make a great HI-Flo one. You can get it on ebay for about $25.

But once you get the reg on, you may need to change your ASA (the part your tank screws into) and the airline. Spyders use a metric thread on their airline parts, but most aftermarket parts (not intended for spyder) use stand ard thread (1/8" NPT). They will not match up. You can gt adapter, but you willprobably want a new ASA anyaways. Someting wih and On/Off valve built in. That will help you remove your tank easier.

Another issue you may have is the ASA mount. The rest of the world uses 2 in-line screws to mount ASAs. Spyder uses 2 offset holes. Surprise, you need an adapter to get the ASA to screw into your grip. Or, if your handy and your grip frame has the room, you may be able to drill 2 new inline holes and tap them for the corect thread. There is little more to ASA, like dovetails anf unimount, so if you are ordering on, ask more questions later.

If you go this route, you can get some great upgrades and rid yourself of the spyder dependency. But in the end, it is all personal choice!

Any other questions, feel free to ask.

08-20-2007, 01:04 PM
sweet thanks a lot bro,
on the my regulator what am i suppose to set it on when usin hpa?
I was told 800psi for co2 but wondering what for the air.
Just that i have recently got a check for working overtime and i wanna work on getting another marker, see my esprit i sold it at the field for this other kid that needed parts and gave 80 for it.
And right now just want to get a marker for my dad and myself. Thinking bout the mr1, but i want to get a good marker for woodball and speedball. When i went to a scenario at pahrump, nv one of the guys at the field had an mr1 which he wanted to get rid of but damm i chopped 12 balls out of 500 gave him 20 bucks if he let me borrow it for 2 games. I dont wanna change marker brands cuz fell in love w/ kingman, especially love it when bunch of others have high ends and they get owned by a spyder. Its my happy day but not for them.
Is their a spyder good for speed and woodball? Like theirs a deal and this company is goin out of business and their sellin this electra for 110 i was told reason so cheap cuz its been on display for so long.

spray and pray
10-03-2007, 01:17 PM
go with a vs1. It can go up to 20 a second, runs on co2, and affordable. I havn't actually seen one in action but from what I have heard they aren't that bad stock.

11-28-2007, 09:18 AM
is their a 10" barrel upgrade?
Its cuz i compare my xtra's stock barrel to my victor's and WOW big difference.

11-28-2007, 07:37 PM
is their a 10" barrel upgrade?
Its cuz i compare my xtra's stock barrel to my victor's and WOW big difference.

Not quite positive what your asking. You can buy a new barrel that's 10" but in my opinion thats a little short. I would go with something in the 12 or 14" range.

11-28-2007, 09:43 PM
yea i havent seen good barrel at 10", usually good upgraded barrel is 12" and up. Might be wrong

11-28-2007, 10:04 PM
i think freak fronts come in 10" sizes. personally, i think 12" is perfect, but a lot of professionals use 14" for speedball.

11-28-2007, 10:07 PM
Otter says 12-14 is the best, I think that speaks enough for anyone to settle their minds. Man, I just naturally come off as a kiss ass, even when I'm not trying.

12-18-2007, 12:50 PM
yes, 14 inch freak is the way to go

12-18-2007, 01:57 PM
12-14 would be a good size for you. just emphasizing what others already mentioned :)

01-28-2008, 11:18 AM
Right now im concern about the paint that the field use. I did check for bore match and it was great just that, i was chopping way too much. I needed to tear down my e-hopper cuz all the paint went in. The problem seems that the paint is too brittle, i was told not allowed outside paint only field paint.

So im stuck with theirs, im curious is their mod to deal with brittle paint?

The only internal mod on my xtra is the acs bolt, i used other paints and my xtra worked great just that where i use to play the pb field got torn down.

07-04-2008, 11:27 AM
i got a 14" linear barrel by smart parts and it works perfectly for me