View Full Version : Looking for players near Charlotte

08-07-2007, 06:11 PM
I'm pretty new to the sport. I've been to one scenario and a couple games. I was just wondering if some players want to hook up and make a team. I play at Golddigers paintball. I don't want to be the commander(since i dont have enough experience) I probably am a heavy rifleman. Also I'm new so don't be surprise I don't know alot of stuff. No experience is needed really since I don't have any, but it would be nice :) . We could be a noob team for all I care we gotta start somewhere. :p Please tell me what gear you guys are rolling with. Thank you for all your support. Email me at Game_fan92@yahoo.com if you want to get into it or just pm me here. I want at least 5 people.
My Primary Setup:
14" Sly Dual Carbon Fiber Barrel
CCM VS No Pro Rise Feedneck
Pure Energy 72ci 3000 psi steel tank
Evo 3
V force Pro-Vantage Thermal mask
Might get a velocity jr and tadao board.

My Backup Setup:
J&J 14" Ceramic Barrel
Trinity folding stock and Trinity MR feedneck coming soon
20oz Co2 tank

I wear a Woodland BDU and army boots. Also I also placed this topic in the specialops forum.