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07-20-2007, 12:48 PM
sorry for the "nooby" question, but was exactly is ramping? none of my guns had anything to do with ramping so i just ignored it till now. i was thinking bout buying a gun that ramps.

ive heard its "cheating" and arent allowed in some places...why? when it says it starts ramping at a certain bps, does it mean that it goes faster from then on?

wut r the advantages and disadvantages to ramping? any other detail about ramping would help, thank you.

VS3 Sniper
07-20-2007, 01:19 PM
The advantages of ramping are
1. U get more shots off for less work.
when it says it starts rampin at a certing bps that means tha for instance if u pull the trigger 3 times in 1 sec. it will go to full auto or what ever the board is capped at aslongs as u keep hitting the trigger every second.
The reason ramping is not alowed in some places is cuz ppl like to be mean to noobs and tear them up on ramping.
I dont really see any disadvantages of ramping execpt u will use more paint.
hope this helps :D

07-20-2007, 01:23 PM
Ok, ramping is a touchy subject. Basically, it came down to trying to make the field fair, but led to a big mess.

Ramping is when you have programming in your electronic board to help you reach a certain bps - whether it be full on uncapped-as-fast-as-your-loader-can- feed ramping, or psp ramping.

Technically, ramping is when you set up your board to start automatically "adding" shots when you reach a certain trigger speed. Say you set your gun up to start ramping at 10 bps, and then set it to ramp uncapped. When you are shooting normally, nothing is going to happen. But, when you reach 10 bps, the board kicks in and "ramps" the shot count to as fast as you previously set it, or uncapped, which is as fast as your loader and eyes will let it go - in some cases, 20-30 bps or more...

There is also PSP ramping, which allows you to pull your trigger 3 times in semi, then every pull after that is 3 shots per pull, up to 15 bps (or uncapped, depending on what you have your board set at.) This was an attempt to curb cheating on the tournament field where players had secret "cheat" programs that allowed them to shoot faster than normal. By holding the speed down to 15 bps, no matter how they got there, the refs could, in theory, hold down the danger and keep control on the field. Yeah, right.

There's also millenium ramping, which is the first kind of ramping I mentioned. Then there's NXL ramping, which allows you to pull 3 times in semi, then ramp to full auto at whatever speed you have it set to. Then there are the "special" ramping modes every board has - basically to impress they youngsters and sell more boards, but in no way legal on any field.

Advantages? There are none - just the fact that you can say you're shooting as fast as everyone else on the field. Ok, it allows you to hold a lane longer to keep people behind their bunkers longer. And the fact that everyone on the field is doing it, so you can do it to.

Disadvantages? You use tons of paint, it allows everyone and their noob to say they can shoot fast, it develops a "spray and pray" mentality in which they think the only way to get someone out is to shoot a lot of paint. There is no skill involved in ramping, though many people used to say that by evening the field with ramping, a player can focus on other aspects of the game. Also, it can be dangerous, and scare some people away from the fields.

And it hasn't curbed cheating in any way, shape or form. The cheating has just become more sophisticated.

It could be extremely dangerous. Say, for example, someone's mask has fallen off, or Heaven forbide they raise it - if someone is really ramping on them, all of a sudden there are at least 15 balls headed for his unprotected eyes. And you can't call the balls back.

I use PSP ramping (or rather did, when I was playing tournaments) when it is legal. I didn't really need to, but it allowed me to send 15 bps consistantly down the field. I found by not worrying about how fast I was shooting, I could concentrate on keeping my oponent locked down, or moving up the field using my gun and paint as a moving bunker. Whether that was good or bad, I don't know. I just did it. Now, I just use semi all the time and practice moving my fingers on their own.

07-20-2007, 01:25 PM
in case you didnt pick that up, ramping is an electronic mode of fire that will do a preset rate of fire, as long as you pull the trigger at a constant rate.

example: 3 trigger pulls a second will ramp at 15 balls per second.

VS3 Sniper
07-20-2007, 01:40 PM
Also u don't really need ramping because once someone is hit they are gonna get hit 14 more times for what? So u can say u can shoot faster that everybody else its really unnesscery. Thats y alot of ppl like pump play. Its another reason y i'm trying to get a pump setup.

07-20-2007, 02:03 PM
I <3 the pump - I'm seriously considering taking (and using) my Phantom to a Speedball tournament!

VS3 Sniper
07-20-2007, 02:12 PM
I <3 the pump - I'm seriously considering taking (and using) my Phantom to a Speedball tournament!
I would do it. I heard there was a team at HB using pumps and they were mowing do the compettion. Sorry don't mean to hijack the thread.

07-20-2007, 03:45 PM
wow thx for the quick response guys. really cleared things up for me.

VS3 Sniper
07-20-2007, 03:49 PM
your welcome thats y we are here. :D