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07-15-2007, 03:26 PM
Well, it's time to clean out the spare parts box and see if I can't get some money to recoup my paintball expenses! If you see anything you want, give me an offer. Worse I can say is "No."

Before we go further, make sure to read my rules for sale and follow!

1. NOTHING IS FOR FREE - refer to line one, paragraph one of this post.
2. You pay first, then I ship. No exceptions.
3. I take paypal (prefered) cashier's checks and money orders. Money orders must clear the bank first. I don't want to deal with personal checks if at all possible. Too much of a hassle for everyone involved.
4. I will ship through USPS - and you pay shipping charges.
5. EVERYTHING is used. As in played with. Even if it was used just once and then thrown in a box, it's used. Everything works, in varying degrees. Because it's used, it WILL possibly have scratches, nicks and dings unless other wise stated. That's what "used" means!
6. All sales are final. NO refunds.
7. Please post here first, then pm.

As always, I may or may not accept trades. I'm specifically looking for stuff I can use, reballs, on/off ASA (prefer NDZ or other easy to turn on/off species) and rails. Reballs are always welcome, as well as deeds to land and ownings. Will entertain offers that are non-paintball related as well. Hit me up - we'll talk!

************************************************** ************************************************

Ok - now to the good stuff!

Here is a mess of Spyder parts.


1. See new description at the bottom of the post!
2. Spyder main springs. 1.00 each
3. Spyder Spring Kit - missing blue (low velocity spring). 8.00 OBOpending payment
4. Stainless steel braid line 9" from end to end. Includes two adapters. 3.00 OBO
5. Black spyder sight rail. 2.00 OBO
6. Black Victor sight rail (clamps around top tube - no screw needed). 2.00 OBO
7. Silver Spyder Beavertail. 5.00 OBO
8. Black Spyder stock bottomline asa. 2.00 OBO
10. Stock Strikers with new Kingman red O-rings. Excellent for modifying without messing up your own. 3.00 each OBO
11. Stock Victor (green) feedneck with holed tabs. 2.00 OBO
12. Spyder Bumper. Everyone needs an extra one of these!1.00
13. Spyder valves with pins, cupseals and valve springs. 5.00 each OBO
14. Round Retaining pin WITH clip. 1.00
15. SOLD
16. Stock Victor bolt - polished with orings. 5.00 OBO
17. Stock Sonix bolt - polished with orings. 2.00 OBO
18. Stock Victor VA with LPV, gas thru and hose. 8.00 OBO


Dragun parts!

2. Tigershark Nylatron bolt #1 EXTREMELY rare as it's not made anymore (can also be used in top cocking spyders) this bolt has been sanded a bit, but you can still see the tigershark pattern - 12.00 OBO
3. Tigershark Nylatrin bolt #2 EXTREMELY RARE as it's not made anymore - this bolt is in pristine condition - no sanding so the pattern is very visible. End is a bit rough, though. 15.00 OBO
4. Stock Black Dragun Feedneck - 2.00 OBO
5. Stock Black Dragun Feedneck - 2.00 OBO
6. Stock Black Dragun Feedneck threaded piece - tabbed (needed for feedneck). 2.00 OBO
7. Aluminum Stock Dragun Bolt - could be used in spyder as well. Top cocking - 5.00 OBO


Shocker parts!

1. Stock shocker bolt and can with o-rings. 10.00 OBO
2. Blue Stock Shocker feedneck. 2.00 OBO
3. NDZ Twister Shocker Feedneck. No scratches on feedneck cover (the part that shows above the gun, and two scratches near the threads. Very good feedneck! 5.00 OBO
4. Black NDZ roller bearing trigger. A few scratches near the grub screws but very small, and some wear in back of the trigger from rubbing on the inside of the frame (won't see this once it's installed.) Bearing is in great shape. Comes with all screws, magnet, trigger pin and allen wrench. This is an EXCELLENT trigger, one of my favorite! 30.00 brand new - 15.00 OBO
5. Silver Ton Ton Shocker Trigger. No scratches or wear. Flat face, blade style trigger makes it really easy to walk. Comes with all screws and magnet installed. 12.00 OBO
6. Blue Stock Shocker frame with stock silver shocker trigger. Frame is a bit scratched up, but is in great condition otherwise. If a person were making a budget build and planning on annoing later, this would be a good frame to get. 25.00, OBO for frame and trigger.
7. Smoke Stoke Shocker grips. In great shape, only played with once. No fading or color changing, nor any wear of any kind on this set. 10.00 obo


Stock black PMR frame with Blue Ultralight trigger. Frame comes with PM7 board that has ABS, Dwell, ROF, Semi, PSP, Millenium and NXL ramping. Can sell both frame with trigger together or separately. For frame alone 15.00 For trigger alone 15.00. For frame and trigger together - 30.00 pending payment



Black velocity adjuster. The top cap has been removed leaving only the velocity adjustment part. It comes with the plastic shim and the metal cap inside. It has the groove in it to hold it in place in the body. PERFECT for those halfbacked spyder modifications! The anno is missing where the gun was, and it's been filed to make it a little more round. 5.00 OBO.

07-15-2007, 03:51 PM
Also, I may be up for selling the shocker again. I'd like to get about 600.00 for it, but am very flexible and will entertain offers.


Fully upgraded 03 style Shocker. Only thing stock on this bad boy is the body and the bolt guide! Qlock feedneck, NDZ Stinger v3 bolt, Freak back and All American front, SP VA with guage, new solenoid and upper board, new eyes, new detents, new orings, Ton Ton frame with NDZ Slik trigger installed, Virtue board, Dye stickies, SP Rail, NDZ EZ bleed ASA. The battery connector (black end where you hook the battery to) was screwed when I got it, so I replaced it. The reconnected wires are ugly, but they work, and no one will see that anyway! Also, the white connector that connects the wiring harness on the Virtue board is broken, but it works and is just ugly as well.

The anno is in excellent condition, especially for the use this gun as had. The regulator has faded a bit, as well as an area near the back of the gun, but hardly noticeable at all. In fact, I've had many comments about the anno as it relates to the age of the gun.

This will come with the stock All American back as well. No inserts will be sold with this gun. However, I happen to have a full Freak kit for sale! psssst! Look further down!



Finally, if I sell the Shocker, I'm going to sell the full Freak kit. Includes all 8 inserts and an old style Freak case. Case has seen better days (not broken, just used.) All the inserts are in excellent condition, with just minimal anno wear from sliding in and out of the back. Looking for at least 100.00 for this IF the shocker sells!


This is the extent of the wear on the inserts. The insides are pristine without any scratches that I noticed.

07-18-2007, 06:20 AM
interestd in:

12. Spyder Bumper. Everyone needs an extra one of these!1.00

14. Round Retaining pin WITH clip. 1.00