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02-01-2006, 02:06 PM
What's your reason for not drinking?

Today I was in class talking to some chicks that I talk to every day because I'm a guy and that's what we do. Well, come to find out they are going to Winter/ Valentines ball with guys I wouldn't consider all too great. In fact, the guys are planning on getting drunk on the date (but not the chicks). I asked why the chicks didn't tell them no and they said it would probably be more fun with them drunk. So yeah, this has been on my mind a lot lately wondering why I am the way I am. I knew why once but now I'm not so sure. And it's not just drinking, it's just not doing things like that in general. Sorry if that was long but I was just wondering your thoughts on it.

Edit: ha i think my internet filter blocked some words in there, you should be able to figure it out.

02-01-2006, 02:18 PM
I dont drink for many reasons:

1. Nothing positive is gained in the long term, sure it might make you have more fun for a couple hours, but I'd rather have a healthy liver for life.

2. My brother's friends had (have... probably) some drinking problems. One of them had to get his stomach pumped twice in the same month and that doesn't seem too appealing.

3. I can have plenty of fun without alcohol. All you need is some good friends and a good sense of humor and maybe some good music, bam, instant party.

4. I think I have enough of a future to look forward to that I dont need a criminal record for possesion, consumption, or transporting alcohol at an illegal age.

I hope that I can stay drug and substance free as long as I live because nothing positive is really gained, just negatives like :

1. Loss of money
2. Loss of health
3. Loss of innocence (what little we have left anyways)
4. Loss of true friends

I just dont really have a need or desire to do drugs....

02-01-2006, 02:59 PM
I dont drink for many reasons also:

1. I'm 12.:dodgy: :butwiggle:

2. And i dont do that kind:shameonyou: of stuff.

3. And im always on KUSA.:computer: so i ahve no time to drink.

02-01-2006, 03:05 PM
Good thread.

I do drink but not to get drunk, I have maybe 1 beer after work and thats it...

But my reasons for not getting smashed are...

1. I prefer to DD can have fun without TEH BOOZE
2. I enjoy my hobbies too much to waste a weekend on a hangover
3. Makyla
4. Shanna
5. Steph
(in no specific order)
When you are getting drunk you are not thinking of anyone besides yourself.

02-01-2006, 03:28 PM
...for the same reason i dont do other drugs.

02-01-2006, 03:43 PM
trouble, staying in control of my actions, taste, makes me look better

02-01-2006, 04:09 PM
I didn't drink at all in high school because I was trying to make it into professional baseball. I was on my way, until my senior year coach (he was 1st year, and we butted heads like crazy) screwed me over with college recruiters. As such, I didn't get the scholarship to play in college that I had been told I would get. I still played in college for awhile, but gave it up when I weighed working, studying AND playing baseball against just working and studying and enjoying my college years.

I took my first drink my freshman year, and after that, kinda went downhill. I was living in the dorm where there were a lot of parties going on ALL the time. This was during the mid to late 80's - WAY before the anti drinking and anti-drug programs came out. I entered fraternity life my sophomore year, and by my senior year, I would hazard to say, I was drinking probabaly 5 out of the 7 nights of a week, and during the summer, 6 out of 7.

What FINALLY woke me up was in my senior year, we had an exit party at my fraternity for all the members who pledged when I did and were graduating that year. I looked around and out of a class of 25, 7 were missing. One had been drinking with some friends right after we were accepted, got in a car wreck and is living his life as a straight up vegetable, along with 2 of the girls that were in the car he was driving. The 3 were the only ones to live (there were 5 in the car.) 1 had moved away, and the rest had died due to drinking and driving accidents. If you figure the odds, that's WAY high and I, being a reasonably intelligient man, calcualted the odds of me living if I continued that route.

Don't get me wrong! I was reasonably intelligient, but I had a whole year to go with the same people I constantly drank with! I didn't stop, but I changed a lot of rules for myself and my friends. NO ONE was allowed to drive anymore if they'd been drinking at one of my parties, NO ONE left without a designated driver (meaning they spent the night if they didn't have one - especially handy with female party goer's, if you know what I mean!) and no one under the age of 18 was allowed in our parties anymore. I was an officer in the fraternity and made a lot of sense, so everyone agreed with me to a point.

As soon as I graduated, I attended ANOTHER funeral - this time for my best friend in college who was with a group of guys in a convertible and all of whom had done some kind of drugs and were drinking and took a turn at WAY too high a speed. They couldn't even have an open coffin at the funeral, it was that bad. I IMMEDIATELY quit, and haven't had more than a drink or two at a time in the last 17 years. (Oh, I also stopped smoking at the same time. Got a two-fer!)

My reasons? (Other than it scared the heck outta me!)

1. Life is TOO precious to waste on something that is a crutch and not all that fun, to tell the truth.

2. It's too DANG expensive.

3. Health reasons - as in I wanted my liver and kidneys to be around when I'm in my 90's, or 80's or 70's or....you get the point.

4. My parents. Try going to 6 funerals and watch 6 sets of parents wailing, "Why?" This wasn't going to happen to my parents.

5. My wife and kids. They are WAY too important for me to waste money and my life on something as cheap and worthless as alcohol.

Nuff said. Just let me say this one last thing. If you start, and you hang with a bunch of people who HAVE to drink to have fun, it's next to impossible to quit without removing yourself completely from that scene. Trust me, it's easier to NEVER start, than it is to quit and still be friends with them all.

02-01-2006, 04:20 PM
I acually dn't because its illegal, I would say my religin but Ive been doubting a little, when I am 21 I will probably drink and get trashed once ina while but I plan on being smart about it because my friends are alcoholics right now and I see what it does to them, and one of my firends brother got arrested for DWI and it stoopped him in his tracks.

02-01-2006, 04:32 PM
First off.. I drink occasionally and responsibly! I do love my margarita's and occasional beer at the bonfire but I wouldn't even consider it a once a month thing! So anyway my reason's to keep it in moderation.....

It's not healthy!
Worse caloric intake you can think of!
Liver, kidney's etc. etc.

K here's one of the bigger reason's.

Had the same girlfriend in my last two year's of high school. Father was an alcoholic and diabetic. Basically was tearing the family apart. He was going blind and the doctor told him that if he didn't quit drinking he would go bind due to the diabetes. Did he quit. No. He's not blind yet but the last time I went over to there house I pulled up the garage door was open to an empty garage except for him sitting at a card table by himself no other chair's around nothing. He just's sit's there and drink's cause he's too ashamed of himself to drink inside in front of his family! That's a road I don't want to go down!

My grandmother had to bury one of her son's because he was an alcoholic and didn't take care of himself. My parent's don't need to do the same thing!

My uncle is an alcoholic in his late 60's and can hardly walk. The toll on his body has just put him in such a weakened state it's just sad!

Alcohol isn't bad as long as you are responsible with it but so many people let it get out of hand!


02-01-2006, 04:58 PM
Oh, by the way, good thread :thumbup:

Recon by Fire
02-01-2006, 05:50 PM
I'm certainlyold enough to drink but I generlly don't. It is rare that I do drink at all and then it is only one or two and never to intoxication.


1) Only retards think you have to be blasted and act stupid to have fun.
2) No sense in just drinking to be intoxicated.
3) I can throw my money away in better forms.
4) Routine drinking is an obvious sign of a weakness in charecter.
5) I dislike excessive noisy and smoke choked establishments.
6) It makes you wake up with ugly woman :)

02-01-2006, 05:56 PM
FTW, 6) It makes you wake up with ugly woman

Or so I've heard...

02-01-2006, 05:58 PM
i went to a party like...in october and the girl i like/iked/whatever got wasted. i spent the night taking care of her and everything. there were guys hitting on her who i yelled at and was about to fight, but thankfully nothing happened. that night i lost a little respect for her and confirmed my views on drinking.

i dont know the point of that story, but i guess it shows you a little about me...

02-01-2006, 06:06 PM
i've drank before, but never to get intoxicated. there's no point to it. i enjoy the taste and only drink certain brands and malt beverages. don't want to get drunk oen day and do somethign stupid, it's bad enough when i'm ***er.

02-01-2006, 06:26 PM
Yeah, I figured most of the reasons would be about the same, but I've never had any first-hand experience good enough to know. I don't think I ever will, but it really bothered me to see some people who don't drink not care if others do. Personally, I guess right now some of my reasons are 1) I don't want that lifestyle. 2) I don't want to make bad decisions that could affect the rest of my life, even if it's in an indirect way.

02-01-2006, 07:57 PM
-my physique
-hangovers suck
-hangovers really suck

02-01-2006, 08:40 PM
Me, chubby and hoppy do not belong in this thread. KUSA Alcoholics Anonymous!

My 21st birthday is the 8th, expect me to be plastered.

02-01-2006, 08:59 PM
been there done that....nothing pleasant, if i could do it again, I won't.

02-01-2006, 09:33 PM
Last time I got wasted and passed out, I woke up with a beautiful girl above me. She was worried about me and was getting me water and stuff, taking care of me. :) I later found out she was 16...and of course I was 20. :(

02-02-2006, 03:29 AM
Awesome thread!!

Don't drink any more..... College + Fraternity = Well you can guess....

I had my share of drinking, but now it is an occasional beer with friends. Family is my #1 priority now, plus a hangover with a 2 1/2 year old running around would be horrible!


02-02-2006, 04:01 AM
No time for a Hangover.
No money.
Really dont like puking.

02-02-2006, 04:38 AM
1. I'm 12.


Yea i dont really feel like having ym stomach pumped or getting a liver transplant. i was always afraid of getting my stomach pumped in general. Like just one day the docotor would come up to u and say Hey U gotta Get ur Stomach pumped today:D . oh and Plus im |4. Yeaa Boi

02-02-2006, 06:02 AM
1.) its illegal (well, not in Germany, and i'm a german citizen...)
2.) i grew up with all those 'Alcohol is dangerous" seminars
3.) its a waste of money
4.) i cant stand the smell
edit: 5.) being sugar-high is waay more fun (best friends + bags of frozen M&Ms + cold sodas + nothing better to do than hang out at the playground = fun)

i hate how everyone around here spends their weekends at the clubs getting wasted, or throw parties and get wasted. thats the main reason why i have no real life outside of school, because everyone is out partying, so im always on here...

02-02-2006, 06:13 AM
thats the main reason why i have no real life outside of school, because everyone is out partying, so im always on here...

^i kno its said but me to.:( ppl smoking weed and such. not into it plus im not wasting my money. and yes im 14 but hey in middle skool when everyone wus 12-14 ppl were smoking weed, smoking cigars/ciggaretts and drinking i hung out witht hose popl but didnt try anything. now im in high skoola nd i see veen more of it. ppl smoking between classes cuz they are so addicted. dont ever do it cuz theres nothing positive about it.

02-02-2006, 06:25 AM
I drink. Fairly often as a matter of fact. I've put a lot of friends in the ground too, for lots of reasons. Some drunk driving, most over doses from heavier drugs, or health problems relating to over use of said drugs. I had a really big problem with drinking for awhile. My senior year in high school was horrible. I got arrested several times for under age drinking, and finnally ended up getting my DUI.

The DUI didn't do much to slow me down at the time. I backed off a bit because it was starting to hurt my work preformace, and I didn't need to get fired. I was drinking easily 6 nights a week, and to excess too, I was going to hospitals or funerals entirely too often.

Then it all collapsed on me one night when I had entirely too much. I had just started dating my now wife. I took her home early because she had work the next morning, and I went back to the party. Things got totally out of control there, and a fight or two broke out, and it was just a really intense evening.

Then everyone started to head out, and this girl I knew asked for a ride home. I said sure, and got a little carried away outside her house. Something stopped me before things went too far, and I went home. I told my girlfriend/wife and she for whatever reason forgave me, and here I am now. I did quit drinking for a little while, and it was very hard.

But, working in the corporate world meant I couldn't further my career and not hit the bars with the bosses after work. I started drinking again, and my wife helped me to keep myself grounded.

I drink once, maybe twice a week now, and I honestly couldnt be happier. Though it was rough getting to this point. Looking back, drinking was not a good idea. I won't say I would change anything though, because I love where I am right now in life. And if I were to change who I was, I would change who I am.

02-02-2006, 07:06 AM
I drink occasionally and when i do its for fun and to get a tad hammered. But I am very responsible when drinking. #1 Make sure I can spend the night or else I will not have one drink at all. Just soda for me :)

If I am going to I make sure it is around friends I can trust and have fun with. Fun that doesnt include something illegal or something that will hurt anyone. Most of the time its playing a drinking game, watching a game or just a "party".

If I bring anyone I make sure they can spend the night or else I wont drink until after I took them home. And same goes for people that come and dont have a ride back, wont drink till I know they are taken care of.

I learned the hard way to not let friends drink and drive :(

I hardly party hard more than once a month. If you are safe while drinking and drink responsibly its alot better.

And one advil right before you go to sleep/pass out = no hangover. Be safe kids.

02-02-2006, 09:14 AM
I don't drink because:

1)None of my family does it
2)My closest friends are the ones I hang out with literally almost every day, and none of us view getting hammered as being fun. None of us have drank, and none of us plan to start drinking. I guess it's just how we've all been raised/taught..to not see any fun in waking up the next morning not knowing where you are..haha.

02-02-2006, 12:25 PM
i dont drink because all of my friends are amazing and they all have incredible morals, i dont drink because i try to be a good role model to everyone i know, i already am because i always give good advice and think things through, that would go out the window if i would tell someone not to drink and then get smashed over the weekend

yes, i have tried alcohol, but i think it tastes disgusting, id much rather have a virgin margherita than a regular one, the tequila makes it too bitter

Chris Cole
02-02-2006, 01:43 PM
I still have the occasional drink but hardly more than a couple of beers, and the rare 151.

I didn't start early because I was constantly in training for one sport or another, and didn't need the help sucking. After I quit doing sports, I was focusing on going places where consumption of alcohol would be frowned upon.

I became a social drinker after I hit 21 and a year or two after that, my personal/professional life went to crap. I spent the better part of six months drunk, getting wasted 3-4 times a week, and getting buzzed on the off nights. I finally woke up one morning still drunk and realized that things had not improved and that I was sick of feeling like that.

I pulled myself out of the bottle and have only been drunk once since then, and that was my bachelor party.

I'm not going to say don't drink to you young guys, but I will tell you to follow the rules that my friends and I followed. These guys drank alcohol like it was water, and we're all still here today. Once someone took a single sip of alcohol, the keys got surrendered. End of discussion. Most teenagers and 20+ year olds that have just started drinking are incapable of stopping until they are too wasted to know the difference. /soapbox

02-02-2006, 02:31 PM
i guess i don't really belong in this thread...

yeah, you dont need alcohol to have fun, but it sure does make it "funner" if you do...if you do it responsibly...

as for the money wasting...i drink it away, instead of what many of the guys i work with do: gamble/bet it away...i dont' play poker, the lotto, or anything like that...occasionally i will get a scratch off, but i haven't gotten one of those in almost 4 years...

it is all just a matter of personal choice, two of the guys i work with that i am pretty close friends with dont drink or do drugs (i dont stand for drugs), and thats completely cool...i respect people for their decisions in life, and i don't think its too much to ask that people in turn respect mine...is it???

i do DD too...my mom has tried to get on my case about coming home real late, but when i do, it is cause i've been the DD that night, so she has no case:)

and Chubb, that trick does work like a charm...used it last night...

02-02-2006, 07:24 PM
1) My little brother...
2) My school work...
3) My friends... Want to be there for them, always...
4) My parents... Don't want to disappoint them...
5) My beliefs... I'll hold back on these for when I have more time...
6) My life... I value it far too much to risk it...
7) My health
8) My future wife... My first kiss is going to my first girlfriend, and my virginity is going to my wife... Don't want alcohol to jeopardize that.
9) My car... Going to replace the totalled one soon with a fairly expensive car... Want it to stay intact...

I live in a rich part of town and there are a lot of drugs and drinking going on... I stay out of it to be a good example for everyone around me, especially my brother who is a freshman this year... I stay ***er so that, no matter when, my friends can call me for a ride. For those of you that are younger that think alcohol just tastes bad, that will change sooner or later, and you need to have a stronger base for this conviction... I would love to go out and drink every once in a while, but I have too many reasons not to, and I never have and never will...

02-02-2006, 07:47 PM
I don't drink every weekend but I do partake at least once or twice in a month.

At first it wasn't too appealing but now it's nothing. It's going out and drink. I always stay wherever I am. I don't see the big deal, but I know that will probably get ripped out the aie for that but that is how I am.

02-02-2006, 08:19 PM
I stay ***er

lol, It edited "s o b e r"..

Nice list there EM-1, your situation sounds ALOT like mine..my little brother and everything..I just didnt take the time to type all that out.