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07-04-2007, 03:37 PM
hello everyone, on my mr-2 i started having some severe choping and multiple ball loading that it didnt do before. i checked the ball detent and noticed that about 1/16 of an inch was crudley torn off of the ball detent. i removed my bolt and striker. i noticed that the little screw in the bolt that holds the bolt pin inside the bolt had turned out some and didnt think it was normal. so my question is on the spyder bolt the cocker screw and spring thats inside the bolt is it supposed to move back and forth inside the plastic bolt assembly? or is the bolt pin scew supposed to be loose enough to keep the cocker bolt and spring from moving at all? now the next thing i noticed is my bolt travels past my ball detent and the little notch thats cut in my bolt for the ball detent to align up with, well it simply does not lign up with the hole in the bolt even as the bolt passes by the detent! that explains why the tip was torn off! so does anyone know what the problem is or is this all just normal and the detent wore out ? i havent had it that long. fired 2 hoppers, about 400 rounds.

07-05-2007, 06:57 AM
First of all, what type of hopper are you using? Forcefeed hoppers such as Halos and Eggs will not work well unless you have NEW detents. Purchase Intimidator ball detents and put the hard ones in. Timmy detents work well with Forcefeed hoppers. If you are using anything else then it is probably not feeding your MR2 good enough, the anti chop bolt should prevent chopping unless it is not working.

The bolt is supposed to move or compress, that is the anti chop technology. If a paintball is in the way the bolt compresses against it and doesn't chop it. The bolt needs to be able to collapse to prevent chopping.

If the grooves in the bolt where the detents are sliding on are going passed the detents that will obviously tear your detent up. Your bolt needs to be moved back so that when the gun is fired it stops where the detents and bolt grooves line up.