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07-04-2007, 02:11 PM
Well, i havent played in a while and going off to college, i don't forsee having the extra money to spend on paintball, so i'm considering selling off my stuff.

I'll first post my gun, and if that sells, i'll sell everything else afterwards.

wow, i never thought i'd be making this thread. This marker has treated me so well over the years, and i'm still amazed by how well it shoots. its may be old, but it shoots as fast as anything else i've ever shot, and it has absolutely no kick and is dead silent. It would be very hard to let go, but if someone actually wants it, i guess its time to let go.

03 Dye Matrix (yes, its old, but its never had any problems other than a broken oring, and that only happened once)
-Its a dye, so it has the image bolt kit (more efficient and less problematic than the Gen-e bolts)
-again, dye, so it has the hyper II reg and rocket LPR (externally adjustable)
-Tadao 4.0 with M5 chip
-CCM feedneck
-CP direct mount
-CP roller trigger
-NDZ volumizers (cosmetic)
-DM4 grips (went from LCD board to LED...)
-new detents + a set of extras



Sorry, i guess i didnt do too good of a job drying it off after wiping it down.


For a gun thats almost 4 years old, its in great condition. theres two small nicks in the body, and the frame has a few scratches/nicks where it meets the body and around the trigger pin.

That barrel is stock but it shoots amazing. Rumors say its simply an unmilled 1-piece ultralite (aka, same honing process etc). I'm not sure how true that is, i just know i sold my empire 7 piece after realizing the stock barrel shoots better.

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v117/Encrypted87/th_MVI_0381.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v117/Encrypted87/?action=view&current=MVI_0381.flv)
I just threw this together so you could:
1. see the gun works flawlessly
2. can see a small tadao programming example (semi to NXL full auto unlimited (limited to 20 bps with eyes off))
3. see the gun's speed

keep in mind its loud because its inside and dry firing, and please don't laugh at my gimp walking skills (HEY, i'm out of practice and that was a weird angle!)
by the way, i just took this gun out of the closet 5 minutes before after 6 months of storage... no leaks!

plus, i have a 16 oz tub of slick honey (you'll probably use about an ounce in your lifetime) and at least 20 of every oring you'll ever need (ive only ever broken one).

I can confidently say that if you can copetently maintain a spyder, you can maintain this marker. It has a grand total of 1 moving part: the bolt. (well, more if you count the regs, trigger, and noid). I seriously wouldnt consider shooting anything else other than a DM3. if i got back into paintball, i'd probably try to buy this back from you, and i'm not even joking. its actually making me sad to think about selling this thing (although, i'm not gonna lie, the sadness also comes from the idea of leaving paintball).

I really don't know how much to ask, so i'll leave it open to offers.

By the way, if you want to buy it with the tank and hopper, they are as follows:
Halo B:
-Victory Board
-Aluminum drive cone and rip drive
-Cut to fit the no rise
-shells are in decent condition

-Nitro duck 68/45
-04 hydro date (5 year tank)

I'm not selling these seperately yet, i will if the gun sells. I also have a Vforce Profiler mask (perfect lens) and a Mantis 3+2 pack (and pods)

Contact: Please post here first
Email: cunnie2@rpi.edu
AIM: ArmyOfOrr42


spray and pray
03-14-2008, 02:46 PM
$15 on the slick honey and O-ring kit (does it include the case)

Pm me either way.