View Full Version : Rodeo w/ Pics (package deal)

01-31-2006, 04:14 PM
My wife decided she didn't like paintball anymore so we are selling her Rodeo after just one season of play. It is in great shape and comes with:

-Check It Slip on Feedneck
-Kingman Anti-Chop Bolt
-20oz PMI CO2 tank (won't need hydro until March of 2010)
-Barrel Plug
-VL200 Hopper
-VL Pod Carrier with belt
-V-Force Armor Thermal Mask

Most of this stuff hasn't been used more than 3 times! The gun has been used about 8 times. Looking for $135 shipped. Paypal only.

Thanks for looking! If you have questions or need more pics just let me know.