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First off my rules...

I do not ship first!
Don't lowball me unless you really want to give me a free up.
If you don't like my price, or my thread Get out.
I prefer paypal if you are purchasing. If we trade I require insurance and tracking numbers on both sides of shipping as well as I expect items to be shipped either USPS Priority, you sending me "your" marker and me sending you "my" marker
Be mature and respectful
if you want to buy or trade for my stuff have either $$ or the item you want to trade in hand before making me an offer.
Post here and PM me. That way I have a flag saying "hey someone is interested" in my PM's and I have a more permanent record of it here.
Free ups will be returned

Alrighty Campers!!! Up for sale/Trade today we have ourselves a nice silver with black parts Dye Matrix (DM3) w/ Eyes. This gun shoots magnificently. I'm a stickler for maintenance on all of my markers so I have recently rebuilt the LPR and cleaned and checked the HPR. Freshly cleaned and lubed. I tore this gun down to the smallest parts and cleaned everything! Afterwards I reset both the LPR and the HPR. I have never seen an original Matrix shoot so incredibly!

There are some very very light scratches in the anno, barely noticeable unless in the right light. I have taken great care of this marker as I do all of my markers. I absolutely love the trigger on this DM3!!! Its set to a hair pull and is super easy to achieve insane rates of fire!!! I wouldn't let this gun go normally because I absolutely love how it shoots, but I've been told if I want to add something new to my collection I have to get rid of some of my markers I currently have, before I can add something new.

What you get:

Dye Matrix (DM3) LCD W/ Eyes (no barrel, tank or hopper included. A hopper and tank can be included for extra.)


New Designs twist on style feed neck
Hyper II Regulator that is pictured is no longer on the gun. I've had to replace it with a CP reg. (picture is out of date as my digital camera is broken)
Has Eyes/Vision. eyes are in working order!!! This thing shoots incredible without the eyes. I keep them off when I use it since my Empire B2 can keep up, but if you have a slower hopper using the eyes will improve the consistency. I've NEVER broken a ball in this marker.
CP Razor Drop forward
CP ASA (macro line and fittings installed)

just like all other matrices this uses cocker threaded barrels.

I am mainly looking to trade at this point so my sale price may be a bit higher than normal, but I will still entertain offers, but do not lowball me. Down to the rest of the business

Now onto the picture


Asking Price: If you want to buy it outright I am going to ask $300-350 OBO
Trade value is going to be around $$350(depending on what you are offering, and how much I like it.) (Hint, blue UL'd PM5 or dark shockers will take priority, as will other blue markers, PS, blue and silver or blue and black are both sexy)
I am really more looking to trade on this so offer trades + $ or $$ alone. Lets see what you got!

Trades Accepted: but should be in my favor (blue guns will get priority)

Autocockers (Black Magics, Custom Cockers, orracles, AIM Crow bodied Ecockers E1's prefered on all cockers)
Timmys (you add $$ for classics, 2k2's you add)
Highly Upgraded Ions (You add)
Shocker (freeflows and darks take priority)
PM5s (priority)
Smart Parts Epiphany or Ion (ions add lots)
Pump cocker + $$ or kick ass phantom + tons of $
Eclipse Eblade E1 + $$ (priority)
Eclipse Eblade E2 + $$ (priority)
Nintendo Wii (priority)
might also consider a kickass PSP package +$$
Xbox 360 (priority)

payment can be handled via paypal or MO but I prefer paypal, just makes life easier. If you want to pay by paypal you cover the fees. Buyer pays shipping, including tracking # and insurance (I ship via priority mail, and buyer will pay exact shipping costs unless otherwise negotiated).

Notes: I do not currently have a working digital camera (it actually went boom a few days ago. If I get serious offers I will get more pics but will need at least more than just, can I get more pics. that pic shows what you get (aside from the Hyper II reg), and the gun is in mint I can get more if a deal is worked out, but at this time its a hassle. Sorry I'm quiet busy and don't have time for low ballers and "tire kickers".

Thanks for following the rules (to those that do ;) )
(added a pic today as a friend had one on their computer)

I have an Orange Carbon fiber bolt and a chaos board now that I can include for extra or for the right deal

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price negotiable up

06-22-2007, 05:10 PM
free up because its just plain awesome.....did u sell ur a5 yet?

06-22-2007, 05:45 PM
nope still have not sold the A5. ITs still hanging out not getting any use :(
but thanks for the up!

06-22-2007, 06:36 PM
if i had the money id buy the matrix sorry

06-22-2007, 06:59 PM
its all good. I'm waiting for the right offer, so you may still have time :)

and thanks for the up, this is easily the most amazing matrix I've ever shot!

06-26-2007, 09:34 AM
up. I've changed the HPR on this to a CP.

06-26-2007, 03:47 PM
Pending for a PM6

06-27-2007, 11:13 PM
still pending, but will consider offers

06-28-2007, 11:18 PM
just shot it today and I'm still amazed at how fast this marker is!

07-02-2007, 12:11 PM
I shot it this weekend and as always it was amazing! I was firing 15bps all day long with the eyes off and no breaks (in semi auto)

she's amazingly quiet, extremely accurate and most of all gorgeous!

07-05-2007, 04:09 PM
ttt pending, but still taking offers

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Just so you know you can only up one thread per day. You will have to make a choice between your 2 threads...

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