View Full Version : 06 Black Magic Sniper II with all the goods FS/T!!

06-12-2007, 09:08 AM
Yeah my Black Magic Sniper II is up for sale. Really looking for trades for semi's. I really need one with PSP settings. It will take a lot for me to get rid of this so here it goes...

Black Magic body
CCM pump kit with autotrigger
86* frame
CP on/off direct mount
CP reg
Dye boomstick .688

This gun is literally my pride and joy but I think I'm going to start steering away from autotrigger and I need a semi with PSP settings soon and don't want to put more money into paintball than I have to.

It shoots secks! The last tourney the ref at the chrono told me to just go ahead onto the field cause every time I went to chrono it was dead on +/- 3 fps ( I chronoed off though same thing).

Price- $625 (don't like the price go build your own or make me a reasonable offer)

2 for 1's a semi and a pump is what gets my attention.

Timmies plus stuff
Mini's plus stuff
Defiants plus a lot
Fusions plus a lot
Shockers plus stuff depending on year/noid/brand

Dunno what else. Throw out an offer of equal value the least I will do is say no thank you.