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06-06-2007, 07:05 PM
what would cause my LP Spyder to shoot a constant velocity of 200fps no matter what the input pressure is?

i'm trying to get my Ion reg to work on my Classic and thought i might need to tweak it to get the desired output pressure i needed. well after a bit of messing, i noticed that no matter what i did internally to the reg itself, my velocity never changed. so i put my Shocktech inline reg on it and tried it at 250psi, 350psi and finally 500psi and never got a variance in velocity.

i used to run my manifold Max-Flo through a gas thru directly into the marker at 325psi to get 290fps. this recipe doesn't seem to work with my new set up. although there were no burps, sputters or coughs, i just couldn't get my velocity to change.

my set up is:


-sans the gas thru and Maxxy
-Maddmann Rocket Valve
-AKA Lightning Bolt
-Dark Horizon Titanium Striker


06-06-2007, 07:12 PM
Wdup. Haven't seen you in forever!

I have no answer for you. Just sayin hey!


Hob Hayward
06-06-2007, 07:39 PM
Spring combos? Try a heavier main. Only way I can think this possible is that increased pressure on input makes the valve more difficult to open and will keep it open for less time as the pressure increases, thus the only way to get higher velocity would be with more force on the valve in the first place. You could try fiddling with the SRP I guess, but that won't really help now, as I'm guessing its been cut, and you can't make it longer (unless you have a spair?) and I doubt making it shorter will increase your velocity, as your dwell would go down... Another possibility is that when using the manifold maxi, you essentially had a massive volumizer in the form of the foregrip (mega dump chamber = higher velocity), thus you wouldn't be as limited by the restriction of airflow through the reg?

BTW, I still want that BL Milly body, haha.

06-06-2007, 07:47 PM
aod...Sounds like your velocity spring is compressed/shot. Try a harder spring from either 32* or Maddmann and perhaps even a shim kit.

06-06-2007, 09:20 PM
Your Classic likes the way it was set up. It says the added reg makes it hard to breathe. It also says since you're choking it it doesn't like you very much at the moment and will not perform at all for you no matter what you do. It says leave it like it was in perfect working condition and it will forgive you. Ain't that schweet? -

BTW....it e-mailed me that info.......... :dodgy:

Welcome back home - ;)

06-06-2007, 11:39 PM
well "hello everybody"! i feel soo missed! lol! thank you for that, it brought a smile to my face. i still frequent the boards from time to time, just not as much as in the past. thanks for all the input also, i may try some of the suggestions before i make a final decision on which path i'm going to take. i did yeild a better result after a thorough inspection and relubing of my Classic. with the ST reg @ 325psi i obtained a consistant 225fps, but that was not the mark i was shooting for. there has to be a breaking point (for me i mean).

QAZ - hello back! thanks for stopping by!

Hob - wow, i forgot all about the BLM but i've still got it if you want it (PM me if you're serious) along with a slew of other bits and pieces that will be on the market shortly as soon as i get pics up. thanks too for the insightful input, i do have a spare stem and SRP that i could try out but i wasn't sure if i wanted to go that route quite yet. there are obvious differences in the airflow through the marker now, i just didn't think they would affect it in such a way.

druid - i have all three spring kits (Maddmann, Shocktech and 32 Degrees), i just didn't think that putting in a strong main would aquire another 100fps at the chrono so i didn't try them. and since it was functioning perfectly before, i didn't think it was necessary.

DRAGON - you're too funny! i love that my Classic has been talking to other people more than me. i knew she was acting a little differently towards me, i just didn't think that i had neglected her that much! the fact of the matter is, the people "back home" that we play with haven't had the desire to advance to electronic markers. they have been talking awhile about getting out of paintball if the rate of fire of our 'guns didn't come down a notch. so we've since decided to go back to using our mech's for them. now that i use my Maxxy on my Ion, i don't feel like switching it back over so i was looking for another alternative with the bits i had lying around.

ultimately, after a few more tests, if the setup i have now doesn't work out i guess i will be looking at purchasing another Maxxy. thank you all for your input and don't be discouraged to keep the brain waves flowin'! the think tank isn't quite full!