View Full Version : click click click...no boom

06-02-2007, 11:03 AM
Just got a pilot ACS as a secondary gun and I went out today to play with it. It will shoot 4 or 5 balls and stay cocked, but no longer fire. It clicks like the solenoid is telling it to fire, but nothing. I shook it and turned it on an angle to the side and hit the trigger (on accident) and it fired off a few more then stopped again. I adjusted the velocity and even turned it off then back on, but nothing. Any ideas

Spyder Electra with eyes
Empire revolver barrel kit
Dye stickies
Empire reloader B2 hopper
32 Degrees spring kit
Pure Energy 68/4500 HP tank w/empire cover

**********************problem fixed*************************

The solenoid wiring was loose and I plugged it back in