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05-13-2007, 06:09 PM
how much would it usually cost to get a ul frame anno'd?like a dust blue anno and i have a few more questions too;
would i have to send in the whole gun to get the clor matched?
how long does it usually take?
were is a good place to have it done?

just a few question i have.not sure if its worth it or not to have it anno'd yet?.any opinions on that one?


05-13-2007, 06:13 PM
www.125customs.com, great work, reasonable price and quick turnaround. contact them about color match and see what they say.

05-13-2007, 06:22 PM
ok thanks

05-13-2007, 06:30 PM
You really have to watch who you send stuff off to. I've heard of promises of a week and it ended up being months -

05-13-2007, 07:34 PM
Acidrain is also very good. They are over worked right now though... so you might not be able to send it in untill after May.


05-18-2007, 06:06 AM
Here is a range of anodizing sites, simple to complex designs.
125 Customs (http://www.125customs.com/home.html)
Acid Rain Paintball (http://www.acidrainpb.com/)
A Plus (http://www.aplusanodizing.com/)
Anolaze (http://www.anolaze.com/paintball.htm)
PB Customz (http://www.pbcustomz.com/)
Grunt Bull (http://gruntbull.com/index.html)

05-18-2007, 07:16 AM

Precision does awesome work.

Hob Hayward
05-18-2007, 11:50 AM
Ahhh you remind me of my need for anno!

Gotta get a t-board and drill for eyes/get eye covers in.