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05-11-2007, 04:29 PM
So what does everyone think of the roger clemens deal? so heres the math behind his 28,000,022 dollar contract.

PER start: $1 million
PER inning: $140,000
PER out: $66,666
PER pitch: $14,736

The numbers come from his career average. 20 starts per year, 7 innings per start, 21 outs per start (assuming that he goes all seven innings), 95 pitches per start (once again assuming he goes all seven innings). And all this is assuming that he stays healthy. I wish i could make this much money at that age. PM me if you want to know the actual math i used.

05-11-2007, 04:37 PM
95 pitches in a game is quite generous. thats roughly 14 pitches an inning...

With him in the american league, there are many teams that can hit well, and pitchers dont hit, unlike in the national league where he was just playing...

Id assume that hed pitch around 100 in about 5 innings.. that a good 20 pitch inning. Yes hes amazing, he had a very low ERA..but he hasnt been doing much lately. Will he do it? he obviously can. either way, hes making alot more money than any of us have...

dont get me wrong your math is a great guess....but we wont know until the end of the season.

Also, i wish that the MLB would have a salary cap...between ARod and Clemens, they have way to much money tied up between them

05-11-2007, 04:46 PM
The figures come from his career average, not this season. what i was trying to show was that if his trend continues at the pace that he's set for himself. Those numbers are also ball park figures. And i agree baseball should have a salary cap. That the likes of A-Rod would have to live up to his billing

05-11-2007, 04:47 PM
wow thats a lot of money but I don't think any sports player is honestly worth 28 million nomatter how many fans they bring in
hey hossy is back from vacation :)

05-11-2007, 04:54 PM
all i gotta say is........go mets

05-11-2007, 04:56 PM
He is overrated at his age now, I am glad Houston didn't resign him.

Yankees have to much money, he is worth no where near what they are paying for him.

MR2 Woodsballer
05-11-2007, 07:01 PM
espn said he is getting paid $108 bucks a minute.....man do i wish i were him

05-11-2007, 07:12 PM
wtf... when did baseball get this complicated

05-11-2007, 07:23 PM
No baseball player is worth what he is getting.....
Saw him pitch last year though....wow!! He still has it.

05-12-2007, 04:10 AM
While I'm a huge Yankees fan, I've never been a Clemmens fan. Just don't think he has the stuff to make him a Yankee. He even said the only reason he went with them in the first place was to get a Series ring. Of course, this is contradictory to what I'm about to write, but I still don't like him.

I do have to say that I disagree with the "he doesn't deserve it," or the "Yankees have too much money" posts and sayings. Some might say teachers get paid to much, or police officers, or the cashier at the local homeland...Who are we to say what the business of the Yankees team does and how it's run? We aren't on the board of directors or own stock in them. They have money because people pay the Yankees for their merchandise, their stadiums are filled EVERY night (and I might add their AWAY games as well) even with the fans that hate them, and they can afford to pay whatever they want to whomever they want. I guarantee you, if you owned a team and could afford to pay that much for a player, you would. The point is to win, and in winning, the corporation (because that's what it is, after all) makes more money, so the end result always comes up the same. More money in the bank. Let the players and coaches and fans worry about love of the game, and let the bean counters do what they will about making money, is what I say.

Now, before the "what about the love of the game" people come in, remember, we're dealing with grownups with jobs here. If you were offered 250,000 to play, then another team offered you 250,000 plus stock options, plus retirement, plus a new house, a new car, guaranteed playing time etc., which would you take? He has a family, and while they aren't anywhere close to suffering, he is taking care of the grown up husband/father part of his obligation.

Oh, and by the way, the Yankees didn't give ARod his quarter of a billion dollar salary. Texas did, and if I remember right, they are still paying a part of that. At least for about another 3 years or so. :wink:

Now, that rant having been said, I also wish there were a salary cap in baseball. I think the pay for some players is absolutely ridiculous. We have no more heroes in baseball - we just have highly paid mercenaries that travel around from team to team. I also hate the fact that the Yanks are becoming the "retirement home" for players. In the past 5 or more years, I've seen more has-been players show up on their roster than any other team, and honestly, I think it's the reason they always struggle through the first 2/3's of every season.

05-12-2007, 05:05 AM
wtf... when did baseball get this complicated

Football complicated too, LOL. The "re-structured" of Mr. Tom Brady is that he is getting paing only 720,000 base salary this year and the getting the rest of his money in bounses. He didn't lose anything when they signed moss.

05-12-2007, 05:06 AM
I think the pay for some players is absolutely ridiculous. We have no more heroes in baseball - we just have highly paid mercenaries that travel around from team to team.


05-12-2007, 06:02 AM
Roger Clemens was a great pitcher and he still has some good stuff left. However, he is not worth 28 mil. I think all sports players are over paid. I'm mean come on, the are PLAYING a game. I was glad to see that the NBA did away with drafting right out of high school but I think there needs to be a big reform in the professional sports world. In my opinion the pro-athletes need to switch salaries with teachers. I could go on and on but thats my basic opinion...

Professional Athletes = Way Over Paid, Not worth a fraction of what they make

Teachers = Way Under Paid, Worth a million times more than what they're paid

VS3 Sniper
05-12-2007, 11:28 AM
He is making way to much. Some of that money could go to cure cancer or aids. But no its going into his bank account. :(