View Full Version : New E grip only fires correctly when marker is on its side

01-27-2006, 08:52 AM
My buddy is having the following problem:

Here's what I emailed Kingmann. This afternoon. If anyone can help me
out on this I would appreciate it. I will probably go back to my
stronger main spring setup and see if that has any difference since I
replaced the battery. This sucks, but at least I have en electronic
trigger. Now if I could just dial that *** in I'd be really happy.

I upgraded my Spyder Rodeo's mechanical trigger with an
Electronic "Flash E-Marker" Trigger frame. The trigger and gun are in
excellent condition and I'm using a 9.6v Java Battery but I am still
experiencing problems with the trigger letting the gun fire. If I
hold the gun to the side, either left or right, it will fine at a
constant rate of 13 bps without difficulties but once held upright it
fires maybe every third or fourth shot. The gun recocks fine, and if
you let it sit for a second there is an audible "click" then it will
The gun is running at 300 p.s.i. on HPA. I have added a 32
degrees spring kit, and polished the internals. The valve is stock
and everything is regulated through not only the tank, but also the
stock regulator. The gun is fed by a 12 volt Revolution hopper. I've
placed all the original spring back into the marker, but the problem
persists. Any thought on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

Any thoughts?

I figured the sear isn't matching up with his Rodeo's striker. He got the grip from ebay so he doesn't have the original striker it was used with. Would additonal polishing or even sanding on the sear/striker help?

All suggestions are welcome!

01-27-2006, 09:51 AM
The lefty righty thing sounds a bit strange but it could be a few things:

1) The batteries not charged enough.
2) Bad capacitor. Call Kingman and see if they will replace it.
3) Grips rubbing on noid hat. Remove grips then try and see if it does the same thing.
4) Loose noid.....tighten the 2 set screws on top holding the noid in.
5) Dirty noid. Remove noid and clean all parts with alcohol including surrounding trigger frame area then test it afterwards. If hat pin is broken off from the hat, call Kingman(1-888-kingman) and see if a tech will send you a new hat.

03-28-2006, 03:09 PM
Got a Rodeo from pbdude75 came with a chrome esp frame- had same symptoms, left wouldnt shoot, right sometimes, straight up and down most of the time it would shoot, would shoot all the time if ya held the grips tightly. checked it out and found that the wire to the capacitor had a small break and would only make intermittent contact, guy at electronic shop would charge $45 cdn to fix, but am goona use it for parts now.