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04-30-2007, 12:34 PM
ok i have a spyder tl and a brass eagel raider for sale.. the tl is about 4 yars old i think, and has seen its playin day but has ben kept in good conditon and only has minimal scrathes and damage from normal play, the only thing wrong with it is the sear spring fell out after snapping so it will not cock, but thats easily replaced just need a spring..other wise the gun works perfectly still..has ben cleaned and lubed after every game and will b done again b4 shipping...i would like to sell as whole but will part out if i cant, the internals are all in good conditon...there is no asa or bottom line for this gun, i took it off bcause i wanted to shorten the profile and have a verticle tank and if i can find it again ill include it...the raidr is pretty much a year old n only seen a few games but is taken care of, and for brass eagel works pretty well andis a good starter gun....im looken to seel the spyder for about 20-25,and the raider for the same..obo on both though and u pay shipping....u can offer a trade but i need money so it would hav to be in my favor a good bit. xbox 360 gear, other paintball gear, and maybe an ipod/good cd player will b considered...and im only 17, so ull prob deal with my mom or step dad if we make a deal and u arnt local*i live in maryland*..so they will prob want u to ship the money first..and i guareentee if something happens and ur monry is lost i will send u w/e u by for free..so thanx for lookin.. umm i can get pics if u want them but give me some time on that

05-07-2007, 06:10 AM
ok i have some pics now, just leave ur mail and ill get them to u asap