View Full Version : Vs style cocking

04-20-2007, 03:50 PM
Hey hows it goin. I gave alamo city paintball a call the other day to see if they could make me a bolt for pilot with an imagine mid cocking rear end. I got to talking with them and they told me something interesting. Im not sure if you guys have ever heard of this before. Probably have. But they said they could make me a custom bolt and cocking pin that was like the setup on the vs2. Where the cocking pin goes through the bolt and connects it to the striker. That way you can pull the cocking pin out and remove the bolt without having to remove the striker and velocity adjuster. I was looking at my pilot and it would need some milling to fit. But im thinking about half backing it anyways so no big deal. Im gonna order it on the first when I get paid so ill probably have some pictures put up about this time next month.....