View Full Version : 2001 RF Autococker for sale/trade

04-17-2007, 09:59 PM
Rules are simple...
I don't ship first unless your feedback doubles mine in totality.
I use USPS Priority with tracking number, signature required and insured.
I accept PayPal or the trade items listed below only. The PayPal fee is INCLUDED IN THE PRICE.
Serious inquiries only.

2001 Right Feed Autococker in very good condition. It needs to be timed just a tad. It could probably use a new detent (not included) just to be safe.

Serial Number: 99662
Black Dust body
Red anno accents...cocking rod knob, beavertail, bolt cap
WGP Frame - Black - Bubbles still intact
Stock [aluminum] bolt (?)
Stock Ram and 3-way (brass)
Newer Chrome LPR (I believe it's off an Outcast but I'm not 100% sure)
New pneumatic tubing, will include 12" on tubing
Aim Pyro Reg - newly rebuilt
Gauge on front block
CP drop - black - used, lightly scratched
CIP Unimount - black - used, lightly scratched
Freak back - Gloss black, lightly scratched. TIP/INSERTS NOT INCLUDED OR OFFERED.
Macroline setup.

**QLoader and red-dot sight NOT included**


Photobucket Pics:
1 (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v388/druidsdecendant/Paintball/2k1%20AutoCooooker/CockerwithQLoaderandFreak007.jpg)
2 (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v388/druidsdecendant/Paintball/2k1%20AutoCooooker/CockerwithQLoaderandFreak005.jpg)

I'm asking for $170 USD PayPal SHIPPED to anywhere in the lower 48 and the price is pretty firm. I can include the V1 QLoader and 3 QPods and all stock hardware/feed tubing/AGD 90* neck adapter/silo for an additional $50)

Trades that I am seeking -

Marker for this item alone:
1. Fiber-wrapped HPA bottles must have at least 2-3 years of Hydro left, must come with a cover, must be in good condition - with no damage to the bottle fibers or regs/threads. Regs must be High Pressure.
Sizes desired:
Smallest bottle @ 72/4500 and largest @ 114/4500 or any in between.

Marker for this item alone:
2. MOLLE scenario vest in digital MARPAT with the many pouches included.

Marker for these COMBINATION items:
3. Halo B Suicide shells/clones in red (preferred) or black AND a smaller HPA tank (45/4500 to 68/4500 with 1-2 years hydro left, in above stated condition).

4. Halo B Suicide shells/clones in red (preferred) or black AND a 4500 psi Guerilla Air HPA tank reg...Ambush or ***U models ONLY.

I would really like another HPA tank or the Paypal. The larger the tank, the better.

This offer is posted on many forums. First serious offer gets it.

Thanks for looking.