View Full Version : Circuit board fried after 1 years use.

04-06-2007, 10:53 AM
Im kind of ticked off at the moment. I bought an MR2 not even a year ago and the cirguit board has already fried. I took it into flagswipe and they held it so they could repair it, only to call me a week later and tell me the curcuit board was fried. o_0 I already knew that **POOF** THATS WHY I GAVE IT TO YOU, SO YOU CAN REPAIR IT. Now I need to order a whole new circuit board online, as I cannot wait for kingman to take 2 months to send me a new one (thats even if they would bother). Sorry for my rant, I just needed to let that all out. I love the gun, Im just ticked off that it hasnt even been a year and it already needs a replacment part. Not to mention the threads on the back end of the sight rail have completly faded and im left with only one screw to hold teh damn thing in place, wich becomes a pain when I try to mount something on it. I sent them an e-mail, lets see what they do.

/Rant off


You have been officially **POOF'd** No matter if you're ranting or not, profanity will not be tolerated on these family oriented forums....WARNING!