View Full Version : Problem with recharging

03-30-2007, 08:51 PM
So yeah, I had my VS2 plugged in to charge and apparently the little plug piece that goes into the grip frame got bumped and the reciever (the piece inside the frame) got disconnected from the board. Not completly, but it wiggles a bit.

Anyway, I can't get the gun to charge. The board just acts like it isn't getting anything at all, and after being plugged in for about four to five hours, the LEDs wouldn't even light up.

It seems if I hold the plug piece in the frame at just the right angle, it'll get some juice. The lights will turn on, but as soon as I stop holding the plug, they go back off.

So basically, my question. Does anyone know of some sort of fix I can do here? The fact that setting it right makes me thing I can find someone who's good at soldering or something and get them to re-set the reciever on the board. If that won't work, is replacing the board the only way to fix it?

I'd try for a warrenty, except I'm an idiot and didn't mail the thing in within 15 days and I'm pretty sure I lost the purchase reciept? Am I doomed?

So yeah. Sorry for the rather long-winded post, and any help is appreciated.