View Full Version : 3 0n 3

03-29-2007, 04:41 PM
playing a newbie 3 on three tournament in may,its my first tournament and jus lookin for some strategies so my team dosent get owned

04-04-2007, 10:31 PM
Practice together, Practice together, Practice together...Oh did I mention PRACTICE TOGETHER!!!! Ok now that you have practiced together, off the break go one-side heavy, 2 players laying down HUGE fire power to get the other team concentrating on them while the faster of the three players sweeps the otherside lighting up as many opposing players on their blindside as fast as he can. If he goes down, go on the defensive, maintain your lanes and beat them by attrition. If you have a strong backman then "bum rush" getting your forwards into good positioning to crossfire the opposition before they due it to you. Not matter what "the emeny always has a vote in combat", the best plans work right up until you engage, after that it all comes done to how well you prepare, communicate (you'll have the opportunity to walk the field before you play, come up with a way that each player understands of how to call out the opposition, example back right tombstone, or T1 ((Tombstone back right)) D1 ((Dorito back right)) etc., KEEP it simple) and how well you know your players.