View Full Version : CP regulator & springs

03-29-2007, 01:51 PM
Hi all I,m new to paintball, been wanting to play for awhile now me and 5 other friends just got new guns. I've been working on my new Mr3, trying to upgrade it the best I can.

I got the CP regulator in the mail today still in the box, was reading online about adjusting it. It only goes up to 500 psi and I think MR3 runs around 800 psi, so should I get a 32 srping set and adjust it with that or can I do that, and if i can what springs should i change out. Thx for any help i can get.

Parts so far.....
1) Alamo City Bolt & Striker
2) J&J 141n barrel
3) Custom Products "Screw-Through" ASA
4) 48/3000 HPA tank & remote line.

Parts on the way......
1) Grips patshortland-http://ca.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/pat...?.dir=/4d02re2
2) Stock Jcs folding stock
4) Qloader

Sent back the Cp reg, any idea's on another good one that will work? Maybe a good one for the tank.

Does anyone know of a good reg that will fit in the shroud? PLZ help