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03-26-2007, 08:46 AM
Hi, I have used the new MR3 on the field for about 4 times, I love it very much!

I'm facing a difficulty of damaging the o-ring everytime I need to refill the CO2 gas (Currently am using a 20oz CO2 tank). I heard about fixing a ASA (Air Supply Adapter) can maybe avoid the o-ring being damanged easily.

Do you face such issue on your mr3 configuration? Thanks for sharing your experience..


03-29-2007, 07:20 AM
I found an alternative solution.. as it might be helpful for those facing similar technical matter like mine. I've installed a smartpart ASA (Air Supply Adapter On/Off) on the CO2 tank, making it to be able to switch on or off when mounting it on the marker.

So hopefully o-ring will not be damaged so easily everytime :)

03-29-2007, 07:34 AM
That's pretty normal thing to chew up o-rings on the tank asa when using
CO2. The trick is if your removing it to fill it up when it still has some CO2 left in it is to very slowly turn it out of the asa, first letting the line vent then pause for a few seconds and give it some time to thaw the o-ring as the venting just put some liquid co2 on it(you'll see this by the change in transparency of the o-ring, a non transparent whitening of the o-ring is a good indication of the liquid co2 having been in contact with the oring) If you try to remove the bolt while the o-ring is frozen you will tear it and have to replace it.

Just back your tank off enough to where it vents the line and and a bit more until it stops venting.

Then pause to give time for the o-ring to thaw, then continue to slowly back out the tank and you will not tear the o-ring.

Also, inspect your asa adapter on your marker and be sure there are no leftover metal burs left from the manufacturing process, if you lightly run your finger in there over the threads you will notice if there is a bur or not. If you have one you will need to file it off.

Hope this helps.