View Full Version : VS3 Barrel Modification

03-25-2007, 12:57 PM
Hi everybody. I've decided to post this thread on how to remove the barrel shroud (the bit that sticks over the bottom barrel part screw-in lip) and how far u should go with an ordinary file as many people wonder what is the "right" distance to go. First though, many recomend, including me, that taking it to a machine shop is less risky but if u dont have the time to go or, like me, there is no shop close to where u live then follow these steps. ALWAYS remember, patience is a KEY factor to the success of this modification and going to far is going to result in u having to buy a whole new VS3 body.

What u want to do first is to take apart the VS3. This results in better and more convenient handling when using the files.



If u look, i have shave the side off a bit because i rushed a bit at first. BIG mistake but it turned out alrite so ahwel:o

Next, using the bigger file, hold the VS body steadily and take ur time filing it down to so that the the up part of the marker is protruding about 2-3mm from the bottom lip (the part to where the volumiser is)


Now, using the smaller file, carefully make the edge smooth to about 1-2mm from the bottom lip.


That should be it done but this last part is just to check that the after-market barrel screws in the same distance as the stock barrel therefore ensuring no gaps. With the stock barrel, put in the barrel condom u should have got with ur marker and put it in the VS without screwing it in.


Then, turn the barrel in the direction u would un-screw it until it clicks slightly meaning that it has completed a full rotation on the threads. Immediately stop turning it and line the barrel condom with the center of the marker.


Screw the barrel in and count the number of full rotations it takes-mine was about 4 and three-quarters to about 4 and 7/8's.


Do the same with the other barrel and if it the condom lines in the same position as when it is on the stock barrel then ur done!


Now go shoot some paint! If u've got any questions then just ask! I hope I've made this as simple as possible for everybody:D