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Spyder Products Featured in Viral Video

May 31, 2012   //   by Spyder   //   Blog, Company News, In The Press  //  No Comments

Check Out This Epic Paintball Battle
with the Nitro Circus team, a film by Devin Graham

Baldwin Park, CA – Spyder, one of today’s leading paintball manufacturers supplied MRX, MRX Elite, MR100 Pro, HighLite Goggles and Paintball Gear to bring Devin Graham’s “Epic Paintball Battle” YouTube video to life. The team from Nitro Circus provided the land, trophy cars, and killer jumps to help Devin choreograph one of the most epic paintball battles staged for this now viral YouTube film.

In only three days the film has reached over 1,000,000 views! Click here to see for yourself, sit back and enjoy 3 minutes of pure paintball awesomeness!

Spyder had a blast working with Nitro Circus and Devin Graham from Devin Super Tramp films. For more information on the products used in this film visit to check out the Spyder MRX, MRX Elite, MR100 Pro, HighLite Goggles and more.

Spyder Teams With RateMyPaintball For The Ultimate Prize Package

May 23, 2012   //   by Spyder   //   Blog, Company News  //  No Comments

Rate My Paintball partners with Spyder PaintballBaldwin Park, CA – Spyder, one of today’s leading paintball manufacturers has just announced a strategic partnership with RateMyPaintball, the new worldwide crowdsourcing website that lets players upload and vote for their favorite teams.

“As soon as we understood the full potential of this site, we jumped on board. It’s important to give back to the paintball community, and Spyder has always believed that sponsorship and prizes were an excellent way to do that,” says Ian Tennant, Marketing Manager for Kingman.

RateMyPaintball lets teams upload their profile no matter where they live, what type of paintball they play, what league they’re in, and whether or not they’re already sponsored. The aim of the site is to build a global index of paintball teams to give them more visibility to potential sponsors. Five prizes by other manufacturers are currently on display and a dozen more will be available in the next three months.

“We’re currently awarding prizes by team popularity, sometimes in specific countries to develop the market there, but the next series of prizes will be awarded after closer inspection of the profiles by leading paintball manufacturers, including Spyder,” explains RateMyPaintball co-founder Stephane Salema.

Spyder has just unveiled their first prize of seven Fenix markers, featuring the Eko™ Valve which offers the most extreme air efficiency available in the paintball market. The patent pending green concept Eko™ Valve reduces your cost to play paintball delivering an impressive 1,600 shots average per 20oz. CO2 tank. Other standard features include a Break Beam Eye “Anti-Chop System” for increased reliability and performance, a rear facing “Color Access Mode Display” (CAMD), and 3-Way adjustable magnetic response “Saber” Trigger. These seven markers, available in a choice of two colors, will be awarded to the most popular non-sponsored speedball team worldwide with more than 500 votes (paintball goods must be cleared for shipment in the winning country). “Not only can this incredible prize—the largest so far—be awarded to any team in the world, but the social architecture of the website ensures that new products become quickly visible to the entire paintball community, and even to future players,” adds Salema.

“We’re already planning a second prize that will be announced this summer. It’s exciting to see that paintball is still as innovative as ever, and using the social Web to further grow the sport around the world,” concludes Tennant from Spyder.

Win a Spyder Fenix Paintball Marker

About Spyder
Beginning in 1992, Kingman Group quickly established its reputation with the Hammer™ series pump action marker, and then completely changed the scope of the paintball sport with its now legendary Spyder® semi-automatic series. Since then, Kingman Group has been known for its reliable and affordable paintball markers and dedication to promoting and growing the sport.

About RateMyPaintball
The only one-stop-shop worldwide crowdsourcing website that helps paintball teams get noticed and get sponsored. Players can sort by country, brand, popularity, speedball, milsim, or use the searchbox to find a specific team. It’s guaranteed exposure, milsim and speedball friendly. It’s fun and will always be free.

$6,500 Spyder MRX Giveaway at Oklahoma D-Day

May 15, 2012   //   by Spyder   //   Blog, Company News, Events  //  No Comments

Win a Spyder MRX at the 2012 Oklahoma D-Day scenario paintball event

Baldwin Park, CA – Spyder has announced exciting news for all 2012 Oklahoma D-Day participants, they are awarding over $6,500 in prizes at the event including 10 Spyder MRX markers, 10 Spyder MRX Elite markers plus Spyder Gear and Accessories. There’s no catch, to enter simply visit the Spyder booth to test shoot the revolutionary Spyder MRX marker featuring the brand new “DLS” Dual Loading System. This unique patent pending system enables you to interchange your loading system with a quick turn of the barrel; allowing the user to switch between a traditional upper load feed system and all new 10-round lower magazine feed system during play.

“We need a big truck to transport all the giveaway products we’re bringing to D-Day this year!” says John Solis, Event Coordinator for Kingman Group. “Stop by the Kingman booth to test shoot the MRX, then complete an entry for your chance to win! We will have all new Spyder products for sale, with techs on site to answer your questions.”

Oklahoma D-Day is the world’s largest scenario paintball event where paintball players can join the Allied Forces or German Forces to compete in several battles throughout the course of the week. The 2012 event starts on Monday, June 11th and runs through Sunday, June 17th. Spyder will be at the Kingman building for the entire event with all new products on display including the Spyder MRX, MRX Elite, Fenix, MR100 Pro, Xtra and Victor.

All giveaway participants must be on-site to claim prize. Odds of winning will be determined by the number of participants. Simply try the revolutionary Spyder MRX at the Kingman target shoot, then complete a entry form. For questions visit the Kingman booth at the 2012 Oklahoma D-Day event.

The Field Makeover Program

Apr 27, 2012   //   by Spyder   //   Blog, Company News  //  No Comments

Economic times are tough in the U.S., but lucky for us in 2012 we are about to enter the biggest boom in paintball history.  Are you ready for it?  Giant Sportz is proud to announce we will be selecting one lucky field to be a part of the first ever Field Makeover Program, a once in a lifetime opportunity to expose your business to an entirely new set of clientele, skyrocket your attendance numbers, and fine-tune your marketing programs by working alongside some of the best media and manufacturing companies in paintball.

The creators of Giant Sportz, owners and operators of paintball parks including SC Village Paintball Park, the multi-faceted Hollywood Sports nine million dollar extreme park, California Paintball Park and Giant Paintball Parks in San Diego, have banded together with Empire, Tippmann, Spyder, PbNation, APG, Social Paintball, Paintball Photography, PaintballX3, and to create an all-star cast of paintball marketing experts all teaming up for this exciting new project.

“We want to change someone’s life” explains Dennis Bukowski, managing partner at Giant Sportz.  “The lucky field receiving this makeover is going to see their business grow and their attendance numbers rise beyond their wildest dreams.”

The winner of the Field Makeover Program will receive:
-Brand new additions to their rental fleet
-A new marketing plan catered specifically to the chosen park
-A social media army exposing their park to a brand new set of clientele
-Weekly webinars and operations meetings
-Management training at our SoCal facility as well as an on-site field evaluation and so much more!

“With absolutely no strings attached, no long-term commitments, and no investments required, this is a paintball sweepstakes that truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity” states Giovanni D’Egidio, managing partner at Giant Sportz. “We are going to involve the winner with major corporation employee benefit plans, city fundraisers, and many other proven marketing techniques we’ve used in Southern California that can be easily implemented at other parks.”

**Field owners of all sizes interested in The Makeover Program should send an email to Please include a short introductory paragraph that introduces yourself and your business. The deadline for submissions is May 21st, so operators are encouraged to send in their request for an application as soon as possible.

Those who are not fortunate enough to win will still be a part of our e-mail blast program filled with helpful research and techniques that can be used to increase revenue at your park.  All program information will also be available for viewing through a special forum on PbNation. The forum will be the main information channel for this new venture, and we would like to invite all of those interested to check back often to see what new insights have been shared!

Giant Sportz
(562) 867-9600 (ask for Chris or Pando)

Spyder offers FREE Paintball Park Admission!

Apr 25, 2012   //   by Spyder   //   Blog, Company News  //  No Comments

Spyder Paintball is excited to announce that they will be expanding their promotional partnership with Giant Sportz, operators of five of the best paintball fields on the West Coast including the World Famous SC Village and Hollywood Sports Park. Giant Sportz has already been working closely with Spyder Paintball throughout the last decade, most recently offering their incredible MRX marker as a rental gun upgrade at each location.

After teaming up together to co-market the benchmark “Field Makeover Program” contest, where one lucky field in the US will receive a complete overhaul including a new rental fleet and strategic marketing package, the two companies are now preparing to offer free VIP entry passes to select Giant Sportz facilities. That’s right, they’re giving away FREE paintball tickets!

Starting in the next few weeks, every order placed through Spyder Paintball or an official Spyder affiliated dealer/store, will include a free entry pass to a Giant Sportz paintball field, worth up to $28. So that’s not one but TWO ways you can receive your free ticket! Passes will be sent directly to Spyder affiliate paintball stores so that you can receive them immediately after making your in-store purchase, while California residents can get theirs mailed to them by ordering gear through the Spyder Paintball online store at

“We expect to distribute more than 10,000 free entry passes in the next couple of months,” said Dennis Bukowski, owner of Giant Sportz. “The team at Spyder Paintball has always put the customer first, which is why we are eager to partner with them on their new initiative.”


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